Keeping it real…Next Week’s Goals 5.31.12

I’ve been under a lot of stress these past few weeks.  Instead of going to my weigh-in at Weight Watchers last week, I went to the fitness class at the gym. I figured the class would be more beneficial to me.  Earlier in the day, I told this girl I didn’t think the scale would reflect a change in my weight any way and then she shared this article with me about stress and how it affects weight loss.

As I moved in to a week of having a house full of family (whom I love and am so thankful they came for the graduation) and dealing with the intense stress of the life changes currently taking place in my household, I was more forgiving of myself tonight when I did go to Weight Watchers for weigh in. I didn’t try to talk myself out of going because I knew I needed to keep it real!  What I’ve been going through this past week is real and part of life.  I wasn’t completely mindful of every piece of food I put in my mouth every day this week but I also know I didn’t over indulge. Yes, I allowed myself to have that beer, that cupcake, that wonderful slice of pie.  So when the scale today showed a 1.2 weight gain, I didn’t flinch.  I nodded, told my Weight Watchers instructor about what was happening in my world right now and she told me to allow myself to feel my emotions, to live in this moment, and to go through what I’m going through.  This doesn’t mean I’m comforting myself with food, by any stretch of the imagination – because I’m not!  But right now, my thoughts are more focused elsewhere.  And that’s okay!!!

Last week’s goals:

  1. Track my food – I did not.  No excuses.  I was lazy.  Just couldn’t be bothered with it.  My mind was running in a million different directions.  It just did not happen!
  2. Do my work outs – this did happen!  I did all of my runs and attended one cross training class!
  3. Start the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak – I did!  I started Monday and have run at least one mile every day this week (so far)!

All things considered, I think meeting my exercise goals were the most important.  I think the exercise helped with my stress the most – at least more than tracking my food would have!

Now, on to next week’s goals:

  1. Track my food!!  I know I keep adding this to my list but I really want to get better about it!
  2. No alcohol on a work night!  This would be Sunday – Thursday.  This even includes no Skinny Girl Margarita.
  3. Continue RW’s Summer Running Streak and attend one cross training class.  Attending the class is the hardest because I feel like such a tool in that class.  Ladies older than me are keeping up better than I can. I want to feel more confident in that class!

My son leaves tomorrow and although I know families go through this every day/every year and this is part of life and growing up, it’s really hard. My emotions go between happy for the next step in his path to complete devastation that this person I have had by my side for the past 18 years is leaving me.  I’m thankful I found running to help me through some of the stress I have experienced over the past 2 years.  For whatever reason, running just seems to help me put things in my life in perspective.

I run when I’m happy, sad, angry, depressed, etc.  No emotion is off limits.  How about you?

What goals have you set for yourself next week?

Do you have any tips to help me conquer this food tracking laziness I seem to have?

3 Things I’m Thankful for this Thursday…5.31.12

I’m thankful my parents and seester were able to attend my son’s graduation last night.  I’m thankful he had a nice graduation and that he came home safe and sound from Grad Night!!  I’m thankful I didn’t cry through the entire graduation ceremony!!

I’m thankful I’m building on my mileage!!!  I’m pretty stoked with this month’s mileage.  This time last year I was training for a half marathon.  So to have more miles this month and no half marathon for another 3 months makes me very excited!!

I’m thankful I have a pool.  I’m about to go put my feet in it and relax a little before I have to start helping J pack.  He leaves/moves for/to Ohio tomorrow morning.

I just completed my 1.32 mile for the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak.  It was 95* when I finally had a chance to get outside and run, and it was only 11:30 am.  It’s going to be a scorcher today!!

What’s the hottest temperature you’ve run in?

Are you attending any graduations this season?  Yours or someone else’s?

Did you attend your high school Grad Night?  If so, what’d you do?

Random Thoughts During Today’s Speed Training Run…5.30.12

First…Happy Birthday to my Dad!!!!

Second…today is J’s high school graduation ceremony..

That said, I’m on vacation this week so I woke up at 7 am to run outdoors (because I prefer to run outdoors as opposed to indoors).  There’s so much more to think about when you run outside and I don’t have to worry about silly muscle guys standing in my way on a running track..  But I digress, back to my random thoughts..

  • My legs are feeling sluggish today, probably because of all the squats the fitness instructor made us do yesterday..yeap, that’s what I’m going to tell myself.
  • Brass Monkey..that funky monkey!!
  • It’s already getting warm out here, glad I got up as early as I did.
  • I need to go to Fresh & Easy and get the bread I like for my morning toast.
  • I can’t believe my son is graduating high school today….Quick, think about something else..
  • Wow, my Garmin says I just hit 6:32 pace…I may feel sluggish and not my legs because they seem to know what to do!
  • So, I got the book Train Like a Mother, now I just need time to read the book…that’s kinda ironic!
  • I really can’t stand seeing people texting while driving.
  • Where are all these kids going? Why are they all dressed the same??  Oh!!  That’s right, today is the last day of school. Lucky D gets to take a vacation day and stay home with the family…she’s so cute.
  • Ha ha ha, the kids sitting here waiting for their bus are all playing on handheld devices.  Are those iPhones?!?!  How old are they?  8?  Wow!!
  • I gotta hurry and get off this street before the school bus comes, I don’t want to get stopped behind it.  Wait…ha ha ha, I’m a pedestrian, I don’t have to wait behind the bus, I can just continue along my path.  That’s hysterical.  I crack myself up thinking I have to wait for the kids to load on to the bus and I can’t just run
  • I’m going to eat Fage with cherries when I get home because I’m out of my yummy bread..
  • I also don’t have my kombucha!!   I’m out of the things I look forward to most after my run!!  Boo!!!!

I ran 2.12 miles in 26:42 minutes.  Have a busy day ahead of me!!

What are your exercise plans today?

What’s your favorite post run snack?

Does your kid have an iPhone?

True Story Tuesday! 5.29.12

  • My seester is so cool she can’t terminate phone calls even when she piles in to the back seat of a car with me and our Dad.  The phone convo continues as  my Dad and I are trying to take goofy pictures.  True story!
  • Postino’s boasts that drinking wine during lunch is not a crime–could not agree more!  True story.

  • This Bruschetta is the shiznit!!  True story!!!
  • Apparently some things are not obvious.  True story!

  • I wore long yoga pants to my fitness class at the gym today to distract me from obsessing on my fat knees.  True story!

What’s the strangest sign you’ve seen in a gym?  

Do you love bruschetta?

What’s your favorite thing about stay-cations?

Motivated Monday on Memorial Day..

I just woke up from an afternoon nap and exclaimed, “I need to write my Motivated Monday post” but..I’m not feeling very motivated..and K quickly pointed that out!

I started my day with a 1.32 mile run.  I’m participating in Runner’s World Summer Running Streak challenge.  I don’t normally run on Monday’s but I do love adding miles to my Daily Mile account!!

Before the crazies in Phoenix swarmed the stores for their liquid lunches, my Dad and I went to the grocery store to secure necessary items for today’s Mexican BBQ feast!

After we were home, I made Mexican Pasta Salad!


And guac..sorry, no picture of the guac since I don’t eat it but all of the “tasters” in my house confirmed it was pretty tasty stuff.

While I was making the house smell rich with jalapeno, cilantro, onion and the likes…my seester, mom and D were securing me this beauty!!

Now that everyone was back in one place, K grilled us some arrachera…translation meaning – yummiest meat you could stuff in a burrito!

Put it all together and you get this:

It was delish.  We stuffed ourselves silly!!!

In an effort to procrastinate writing my “motivated” post…we all dined on yummy Sprinkles cupcakes.  The Peanut Butter Chip is my absolute favorite!!!

But when I stop and think about it…I am motivated this week to keep at my runs.

For the past two weeks my weekly report from Daily Mile has shown more of my friends logging miles.  Although some of them aren’t doing actual running miles, K being one, it’s still cool to see them reported  on my Leaderboard.  And I’m not going to lie, I like seeing that I’m at the top!   But it’s cool to see they’re logging in and posting workouts.  That motivates me to keep at it.

I’m gonna be honest, my eating and drinking habits these past couple of days has been poor.  I know when I go to my Total Body Conditioning class tomorrow, I’m going to struggle because of the poor choices I have made (and because I’m a tool and have better form running than I do strength training). least I plan to go to the class.  And..I did get up early this morning and went for my run (even if it was a short one)!

Along the journey of living a healthy lifestyle, I’m going to come across days that I don’t make the best choices and that’s okay!  I think this is part of life-you win some, you lose some.  As long as I’m aware of it and limit it to a few days here and there.  It’s not every day my parents and seester are in town to visit.  I’m pretty proud of the spread we had for our BBQ, I did limit myself to only one burrito and all in all, the meal wasn’t that bad in terms of healthy choices!  (Yes, the cupcake “takes the cake” and I have no excuse for that..but it was good!)  With that said, I’m going to make a commitment to have much better eating habits the next couple of days because I still need to fit in to that dress!!!

Hope you’re having a great Memorial Day!!

How are you staying motivated today?

How are you feeling about the  food choices you made this weekend?

If you started the RW Running Streak today, how’d it go?


The Weekend Situation…so far..

It’s been a busy weekend…let’s rewind and start at Friday night!

D insisted she was going to stay up as late as she wanted.  Apparently, that meant 9:15 pm.

Started Saturday with my 7.01 mile run (yes, that .01 is important)!!  Then K, D, and me drove all the way to Scottsdale for the Farmer’s Market except the produce people weren’t there (apparently, they aren’t coming for the summer–good to know!).  To avoid it being a complete waste of the trip, we went to Sprinkles and scored free cupcakes!!  Also picked up a Gluten Free cupcake for my seester who was flying in later that day!  But it’s more fun to tell these stores in pictures!!

Spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing the house after our fruitless cupcakeful trip to Scottsdale.  Restocked the shelves in the living room with framed photos and stopped and gushed over this 16 year old photo.  These two babies (the one on the right being my son, the one on the left being my cousin’s daughter) are graduating high school over the next two weeks.  They grow so fast!!  I remember them playing in the tub like it was yesterday!

My BFF was telling me about this book so I ordered it and it arrived (love Amazon Prime!!)..just in time for my house to fill up with company!

After we picked up my parents at the airport (they flew in from Ohio), we went for dinner and I had beer…you know, since I spent 15 minutes thinking about  beer on my morning run:

Once home, I presented my Dad with his free banana cupcake from Sprinkles and he figured out a clever way to keep his beer nearby, yum, banana and beer!!

My Mom, D, and I went to pick my seester (flying in from Boston) at the airport.  Returned home to find Dad in either a cupcake or beer coma…or maybe he was passed out because it was 1 am EDT!

On Saturday, we girls did some shopping because 3 out of 4 of us were in search for dresses.  I found this really lovely dress at Express but talked myself out of buying it (because it was $80) and now I’m beating myself up for not getting it!!!!!!!!!

(Note the recovery Pro Compression socks..I think it completed the entire outfit.)

Any way, we just called the Express closer to my home and they don’t have this dress in the size I need it.  So upset!!!!

But my seester found a dress she liked and she is obviously smarter than me because she bought it before leaving the store!

She was feeling all excited since her new dress came in a fancy dress bag and not a regular plastic bag.  It’s the little things..

But no matter how smart and fancy she is…she’s been struggling today to properly get in to the back of my vehicle.  According to her, “They don’t have cars in Boston!”

I’m not much of a shopper. I get frustrated and irritated. We eventually left the mall and headed across the street to..

Frosting shots make everything all better!

Until the frosting shot is all gone..

Now we can head back home..with cupcakes in tow!

The day’s not over..we’re headed to the brewery soon…so there’ll probably be no further updates or non-blurry photos after that. I’m exhausted and really upset that I didn’t get that dress.  Don’t think there’s time to drive all the way back to Scottsdale tomorrow AM before our Memorial Day shing ding.

Update:  My wonderful mom and seester are going to go back to the store at Scottsdale mall first thing tomorrow morning to get me the dress!!!  My seester already called the store and put the dress on hold.  I have the best family in the world!!  🙂

Random Thoughts During Today’s 7 Mile Run!

When temperatures drop from being in the 100’s to being in the 80’s, a runner in Phoenix has no choice but to get outside and run!  (In my opinion.)  After all, it could be the last time we see 80 degree temperatures again until October, maybe even November!  So out I went…just me, my iPod, Garmin and a flood of random thoughts:

  • Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day!!!
  • There’s hardly any traffic on the road this AM…I love 3 day weekends in Phoenix – everyone skips town-it’s the perfect time to stay in town!
  • I have so much to do today, I have so much to do today, I have so much to do today..
  • I’m not even going to complain about this wind that is almost knocking me over..nope, not gonna complain, even though it’s really making it difficult to maintain my pace…I’m not complaining!
  • C’mon, you can do it, you can do it, you can beat yesterday’s 5k time…YES!!!!! I did it!!!!! I might die..
  • We should go to the brewery after we pick up my parents at the airport…I could limit myself to one beer since I have to drive back to the airport later to pick up my seester!!
  • I’m excited my family is coming..I hope we have a good time!
  • Chicken enchiladas at the brewery sound so good!!
  • I bet my mom would split the enchiladas with me.
  • I wonder which beer my dad would pick at the brewery
  • I really need to go buy a foam roller today!!  I love the way it rolled the pain in my butt out!! he he he
  • I should just make the pork chops we already have in the fridge and keep the brewery for later..
  • We could have the pork chops but stop in for just one beer..
  • I can’t believe she called me out in her blog about buying a foam roller. I’m totally going to buy one today.  Who knew a foam roller could feel so good?  I wonder what else she’s told me to try and I haven’t listened..
  • I wonder how many other runners spit when they run, I seem to spit a bit.  It really sucks when I can’t spit at the gym!
  • I am killing my last 10k race time…feeling good!
  • Why does the first half of a run seem to go so slow and the 2nd half goes faster?  I don’t seem to run any faster or slower during each segment..
  • You’re right, Kelly Clarkson – What doesn’t kills you makes you stronger, STRONGER!!!!

Ran 7.01 miles in 1:16:26.  According to Daily Mile, that is my 4th fastest time in the past year.  In fact, my top 5 fastest times have been recorded just this month. I’m definitely feeling stronger and faster when I run. I’m pretty excited.  I ordered the book “Train Like a Mother” because my BFF was telling me it’s pretty good.  I’m curious to read what their training plan is for killing my next half marathon (which happens to be the Disneyland half marathon September 2, 2012)!!

What’s your favorite part of a 3 day weekend?

Are you running the Disneyland half marathon?

Do you have a foam roller?