Random Thoughts During Today’s 60 minute Walk/Run

  • Tightening my shoelaces seems to have solved the loose shoe situation!  Guess I won’t need to call the running store about their return policy after all!
  • One nice thing about walking vs. running is it’s easier to pick the chia seeds from my teeth!
  • I have nothing against walkers but I don’t think I could walk 13.1 miles.  At some point, I think I’d just start running just to get it done and over with!  
  • One lone bitchy I be, all alone on this walk with nobody..yeap, adding my own lyrics to the Beastie Boy song.  RIP MCA!!  
  • I’m definitely in one of those moods that will make the rest of the family hide from me today.  Does that make me winning or losing?  
  • That shredded newspaper in the middle of the road looks like a dead bird!  It’s probably wrong that I was hoping it had been a dead pigeon and not a newspaper.  
  • Oh, you’re so funny, moron that ran the intersection with the fast approaching fire truck with his lights and sirens blaring.  I wonder if you noticed the firetrucks blaring horn was meant for you.  Yes, keep laughing, it’s SO funny…until that fire engine is delayed from getting to you or a loved one.  Idiot!  
  • This is what I’m going to eat when I get home, in this order: Fage yogurt with cherries and green iced tea!  I can’t wait to get home!!
  • I have a lot of friends on FB that did half marathons today. I wonder how they’re doing?  I hope they post pictures of their medals so I can see them!  I love bling.  If they post their pictures, I’ll have bling envy!  Why did I decide to not sign up for any destination races this summer??  This is torture!!  I’ll go 6 months between having updated bling.  Oh the agony!!!  
  • I can’t wait to sign up for the Tinker Bell race!
  • I wish I was at Disneyland right now.  
  • Am I going to run next Sunday on Mother’s Day?  I better consider moving my long run to Saturday..
  • It’s a sign I wasn’t meant to do my normal run today, the sprinklers haven’t been on at all!  
  • I think I have an obsession with sprinklers!  
Mostly walked, (did some runs here and there) 4.35 miles in 60 minutes.  Temperature outside was 85* but it felt a lot hotter than that! Think I need to buy my own outdoor thermometer!  

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