The Saturday Situation

I love green tea!  When it’s hot out, I love Starbucks TRENTA!! green iced tea – no water, no classic!  Yum!
Organic produce scored at today’s farmers market includes: snap peas (makes for great snack at work), artichokes (my daughter can’t get enough of them), carrots, Granny Smith apples, pears, and strawberries!

These flowers are the beautiful culprit of my outraged allergies!!!  Do not be fooled by their beauty!

This is what these gorgeous hateful blooms do to my face (note the puffy eye and wattery eyelashes)!!

Tried this new (to me) allergy med but it proved to be futile!!

After crushing my hopes and dreams of a peace treaty between the attack the allergies made on my face and this not so clever little allergy pill, I took a 2 hour nap!  I surrender, allergies, you beat me!!!

Awoke in time to make a white-girl version of a Cinco de Mayo celebration for the fam!

While dinner was in the oven, I polished off a glass of my favorite margarita but soon found myself at the bottom of an empty glass!  Thankfully, there’s more where that came from but will save that for later!

Dinner was finally ready and definitely appealed to the growing teenage boy in my home (he had 2 servings!  That never happens when I make “healthy, organic crap”!).  There was nothing healthy or organic about this recipe!

This free Choco Loco cupcake was definitely a special treat on Cinco de Mayo.  I split it 4 ways for the family!!  Talk about portion control!

Now I have the bad aftertaste of sugar in my mouth and my margarita glass is still empty.  I need to do something about that situation and STAT!

How was your Saturday?  What situations did you find yourself in today?


7 thoughts on “The Saturday Situation

  1. That cupcake looks awesome! I haven’t been to the farmer’s market in a few weeks…I need to figure out how much longer they will be there.

    • What?!?! You mean they won’t be there during the summer??

      The cupcake was pretty tasty (Belgian dark chocolate cake with a bittersweet chocolate and Mexican cinnamon frosting). It was interesting and yummy. But for whatever reason now, if I have something that’s sugary, I have a horrible aftertaste in my mouth a minute or so after eating it. *shrugs*

  2. what kind of margaritas? looks like Skinny Girl? Do share!! 🙂

  3. […] My allergies were out of control today, thanks to yesterday’s weather!  Not to the extent they were on Saturday but bad enough to make me itch my eyes all day.  I guess that’s better than sneezing so often and violently that I pulled a muscle in my neck! […]

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