Motivated Monday

As soon as I schedule a race, I post the course map, or some other memento, of that race to serve as a reminder that it’s coming up and I need to stay focused.  Course maps keep me motivated to continue my training!  This is the view to the left of my computer monitor at work!

Another thing that I found motivating today was the report from Daily Mile that I lead the Leaderboard!  It’s the small things in life but I celebrated my little victory. I’m rarely at the top of the Leaderboard so I’ll take it when I can get it!

As we move in to hibernation summer season here in Phoenix, it will become increasingly difficult to remain motivated to stick to my training schedule.  Having the Disneyland Half Marathon on the calendar is a great motivator because the race is over Labor Day weekend, which means I can’t blow off my training over the summer.

I’m glad I had these visual reminders posted to my cube wall when I walked in to work this morning.   These reminders  really helped me with all the bling race envy I had of my friends from around the country this past weekend.  Yes, my friends got bling I didn’t, but I have bling waiting for me in the future!

When the going gets tough, or the weather ceases to cooperate,

how do you maintain your motivation to stick to your training?


2 thoughts on “Motivated Monday

  1. I like the course map idea!

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