True Story Tuesday!

  • I make a sad face when I get to the bottom of my Fage cherry yogurt cup and feel depressed for at least one minute.  This happens every weekday!  True Story!!

  • My BFF lives 34 miles away and in 6 weeks, she’s going to live 14 miles away!  Living closer together is going to make it a lot easier for us to do some long runs this fall/winter in preparation for the Tinker Bell race in 2013.  We had the best time at the race earlier this year and today I read her  race recap of our adventure (she never told me she wrote one..she’s so cheeky, that one!!)  Except..her recap doesn’t highlight the fact that around mile 11, I was singing out loud with the Ke$ha song playing on my iPhone, “Turn around boy, let me hit that,” belted from my lips  just as a male runner passed us.  He obviously heard me, because he stopped dead in his tracks, turned around and looked at us and then moved to the side to let us pass by.  Hysterical.  True story!!

I’m in the white shirt, BFF in the blue shirt!

  • When my husband saw these uncooked tortillas  on our stove, I think he was worried it would be hours before we finally got to eat tonight.   Heating these up took the same amount of time it takes to heat up any other tortillas we have and they only cost $1.  True story!

  • When I find a good deal on something, I am incapable of buying just one or two. I clear the shelf.  (BTW, these babies are on sale at Target this week for $1!!)  True story!

  • Watching the girl wearing these shoes walk in to the store I was in this evening was awesome comedic relief.  She couldn’t move more than 1 inch per step!!  True story!!!

  • The most important thing in this basket is the bottle of wine.  True story!!

  • And..finally..I’m currently using Weight Watchers to lose 35 pounds.   I attend the meetings every Thursday and thus, weigh in  every Thursday.  At work on Friday, a coworker inquired about my weigh in and I shared I had lost and am now down 15.6 pounds (I started WW December 8, 2011).  15.6 pounds isn’t a lot, in the grand scheme of things, I told my coworker.  To which she told me to go to the grocery store and hold 3 bags of 5 pound potatoes.  When she put it that way, it clicked in my head – 15 pounds is a lot!!  Then I tried to figure out where I’ve lost 3 bags of potatoes from!!  Nonetheless, this is how much weight I have lost from my body!  TRUE STORY!!!


3 thoughts on “True Story Tuesday!

  1. That’s a good idea with the potatoes…and that is quite a bit! Also, don’t hate on the girl in the heels…cute shoes are worth barely being able to walk sometimes…depends on the shoe 🙂

  2. narnaboo says:

    Can’t wait to be closer so we can train together more!! 😀

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