Phoenicians are a strange breed and I’m one of them–and proud of it!!

I was driving home from work and thinking about the run I’m scheduled to have.  On Wednesday’s I focus on speed work because “to run fast, you have to run fast”, yeap, that was advice I heard at a seminar at work about running!    I am not, what you would call, a fast runner.  I embrace my slowness but I would like to see a better finishing time at my next half marathon in September.  That said, as I turn on the freeway to head home, I notice the sky in my part of town looks black.  I live in Phoenix – our sky is normally blue and bright with sun.

I pick up D (my 8 year old daughter, I’m sure you’ll learn more about her as this blogging adventure continues) from day care and we stop to admire this duck who was just hanging out on the playground!  We don’t see a lot of wildlife in these parts, unless you count stray cats, pigeons, or crickets!  So, the duck was something to be ooh’d and aah’d.  D feels content that I have done enough admiring of an object when I have taken a picture for prosperity!

Less than 3 miles away from the day care, less than 5 minutes later, the sky looked like this!

When you live in an area that rarely sees “weather”, dark skies, blowing dust, and rain are news worthy!  Not kidding, the local news will interrupt programs to tell us it’s raining!!!   When dust blows, of this magnitude, the local newspaper will post on Facebook asking for readers to post pictures of the blowing dust in their part of town!

Idiots like me will stand outside taking these pictures!  Oh, did I mention there was lightening?

Now there’s finally rain, thunder and more lightening.  My Facebook newsfeed is filling up with posts from my local friends announcing it’s raining or commenting on the weather we’re currently experiencing!  It’s a good time here in the Valley of the Sun!  I guess when you live in an area that sees sunshine and clear skies 85% of the time, weather like this is worth posting, commenting, interrupting television programs about.  At the moment, I find it blog-worthy!

Okay, okay, okay…I’m just sharing with you my elaborate excuse as to why I will not be going for my run this evening.   Tomorrow I will likely stop at the rec center to tour the facility, get a good look at their insanely small indoor running track (1/10th of a mile) and commit to training there 2 days a week for the next four months as we Phoenicians move in to hibernation summer.

In case you were wondering, my video debut went meh!  I have horrible stage fright and even though I wasn’t technically on a stage for the interview, I did have 3 people watching me and a camera in my face.   My only hope is that I didn’t sound like a complete tool and that most, if not all, of my recorded answers end up on the cutting room floor!!

If you were scheduled to run today, did you?  


3 thoughts on “Phoenicians are a strange breed and I’m one of them–and proud of it!!

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  2. Did you go to the rec center?

    • I did! 🙂 Signed up for the free weekly pass. Giving their indoor track a test run tomorrow. Thinking positive but the track is small and runs right in the middle of the workout equipment area. So every time I run by (which will be often because it’s only 1/10th of a mile around), there will be a room full of people on their stationery equipment staring at me.

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