Video Debut!

Good Wednesday Morning!

The health and wellness program at my work is interviewing me today for a video they’re going to share with the company.  I’m nervous, especially after reading the interview questions.  I have to talk about why I’m passionate about our health and wellness program, what inspires me to live a healthy lifestyle, how I inspire others, etc.  I’ve never been interviewed on camera before, I don’t think I’m very photogenic.  I much prefer to be the person behind the lens, not in front of it.  It’s a lot of pressure but I’m really excited to be involved!!!

For the past few months I have been super good about packing my breakfast and lunch for work! We have a cafe on the first floor of our building but I’ve been trying to bring my own meals because when I eat in the cafe, I don’t always make the smart choice.  And bringing my own meals saves me lots of money!!

I have a date with the bike lane tonight so I’ll be back this evening to share my random thoughts with you wonderful people!

What’s in your lunch bag for today?


4 thoughts on “Video Debut!

  1. I love reading your posts, Jac! And you have definitely inspired me even though we are miles apart!!!

  2. You looked great…cannot wait to see the video!!

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