Random Thoughts During Today’s 6.58 mile Run!

I normally do my long runs on Sunday but since tomorrow is Mother’s Day, I wanted to get the long run done and over with on Saturday.  Because, truth be told, my plan is to wake up and drink mimosa’s on Mother’s Day because that’s how I roll!

  • WHOA!!!  OMG!!!  I just almost stepped on that dead bird…**shudders**  OMG!!  So gross.  That would have been a disaster…
  • Seriously, Runner Dude?  I pull out on to the canal and you decide that’s a good time to take your shirt off?  Yuck!
  • I feel like I’m in a game of Frogger when I illegally run across these 6 lanes of traffic!  I hope I don’t go **splat**!!!
  • WTF?!  There’s a lot more traffic on the road at 6:30 am on a Saturday than there is on a Sunday?  Where is everyone going?
  • I know I put my iPod on Shuffle but why is it playing all these troubled relationship songs?  They can’t be the only types of songs on my playlist.
  • OMG, why do I always choke up when I listen to this song (Family Portrait)  by Pink?!  She really does a great job conveying her emotions in this song, damn.  *tear*
  • You tell that gold digging beotch where to go Eminem!!  “Now it’s time to f*cking step!”  (Sang that line right out loud to the cows I was running past.)
  • Seriously, bikers?!?!  You really can’t wiggle your fingers or nod to say “good morning”?!  I quit.  I bet if I flip off the next biker I see, there will be a reaction!  Jerk heads!!
  • OMG!!  That runner that just passed me (from behind) scared the crap out of me when she said ‘good morning’.  Good thing I wasn’t closer to the canal since I jumped over a good foot!  Sheesh.  Now she’s passed me, scared the crap out of me and is pulling away from me with ease..  I bet she goes home and blogs about that.
  • Interesting…the dude that removed his shirt in my presence has now put his shirt back on.
  • But that dude on a bike without his shirt on should REALLY put his shirt on.  Wow, when your love handles can almost touch the sides of your bike seat…you need to keep your shirt on!
  • I’m really struggling out here.  My hip hurts, my toe hurts, I feel like I’m going slow.
  • The nice thing about running outdoors…you can spit.  Couldn’t spit on the track yesterday, that was unfortunate.
  • Never mind what I said last week, I need to call my running store and find out what their return policy is!
  • On that note, I need to call my chiro!
  • Hey!  That’s the same runner dude I saw a couple of weeks ago being paced by two bikers.  He must be some kinda famous runner or something.  OMG!  He just tipped his hat at me and said ‘good morning’.  I could seriously cry!!!  I love when runners are so encouraging of other runners.  Would it be inappropriate if I run back and hug him??
  • FOR THE LOVE OF GOD…while you’re sitting on your ass tomorrow – remove Black Eyed Peas from your playlist.  WTF!?!
  • Why do drivers stare at me as they drive past me?  Like literally, turn this heads and look at me.  There is nothing sexy about me running.  Eyes on the road, drivers, eyes on the road!

Ran 6.58 miles in 1:17.  I don’t normally do back-to-back runs and there’s good reason for that, today was a nice reminder of why that is!  Now I’m off to do the long list of things I’d like to get done today!!  Have a great Saturday!!!


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts During Today’s 6.58 mile Run!

  1. narnaboo says:

    Awesome job! I ran on the treadmill yesterday 😦
    I really hate them but it is just too flippin’ hot to run outside now!

  2. Did you take BEP off your playlist yet? That is hilarious!

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