Happiest Mother Day!!!

I’ve had a glorious Mother’s Day and hope the same for each and every one of you!!

My day began with breakfast in bed served by D (her idea) and K!

(Love how they respect my runner’s diet!!)

K presented me with mimosa’s!!  He’s an amazing husband!!!

D gave me multiple homemade schoolmade gifts and those are always a favorite and the most treasured!

K knows I hate going out to eat on Mother’s Day except he figured our favorite brewery would not be an issue!!  He was right. We walked right in, sat right down, baby let our hair hang down…had a beer in less than 5 minutes!!

But these two babies are the reason my heart beats!!

But when they make my heart stop and I want to pull my hair out, there’s always this…and running!!

(My favorite beer!!)

Now we’re home and chillaxin’ and they’ve presented me with all their gifts.  I love this one from K because the 3 (and only) rings I wear  on my hands symbolize each and every one of them!!  Now I have a very safe and special place to keep my rings!

 I hope you all have/have had a wonderful Mother’s Day, doing the things you love and being surrounded by the ones that have taught you what true love really is!!  


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