True Story Tuesday 5.15.12

  • I was sitting at a red light on my way in to work today and one of those Dos Equis commercials came on.  You know, the ones about the “Most Interesting Man”…except, those commercials do nothing but irritate me.  There is nothing “interesting” about this man and in fact, these commercials make me want to never drink their beer – ever.  True Story!
  • I stuck my hand in my purse to grab my wallet and instead, grabbed my sweat band from last night’s workout class.  At first I thought “gross” and then I was relieved it was there since I would need it for class tonight.  True Story!

  • Realizing that I had forgotten to pack my sweat band, I then realized I forgot to bring a hair tie.  Evidently I had this thought right out loud because then my cube mate offered me her hair tie.  She’s so sweet.  True Story!

(I took her up on her generous offer and quickly wrapped it around my wrist for safe keeping!)

  • My new camera arrived yesterday.  I’m too afraid to take it out of its packaging.  I took this picture with the camera the new camera is replacing. I thought that was morbid in some way.  But that’s how I roll!  True Story!

  • Whatever you do – do not get in between this girl and an artichoke.  She will cut you!  True Story!

  • I went to another fitness class at the gym tonight – total body conditioning.  Yes I have some lbs I need to drop but I’m not out of shape!  This class handed me my butt on a yoga mat!  I had to give major props to the little old ladies behind me that were hanging in there tougher than I was.  I left the class feeling like all my muscles were made of Jell-o. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it down the stairs.  But did I feel defeated?  NO!!  Did I feel that was the last time those 4 walls had seen the likes of me? Hell no!!!  The class may have won this round, but I’ll be back, I’ll show it who’s boss!  Game, set, match!  True Story!!!
What commercials make you change the station when they come on?  

2 thoughts on “True Story Tuesday 5.15.12

  1. Keith says:

    Mother’s day and Valentine’s Day commercials!

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