Random Thoughts During Today’s Speed Training Run

You know how I said a couple of times that my phone weather app said it was one temperature but when I ran outside it felt a lot hotter?

Today, I checked the weather around 2:30 pm and it said it was 102!

But on my drive home, my car said it was 108!

I’m going to trust my car because my weather app has been known to lie to me before!

108?!?  Holy goodness, it’s only mid-May!!!  All the way home I just kept thinking, “I’m so glad I already signed up at the gym, I’m so glad I already signed up at the gym!”

That said…I went to the gym this evening to do my speed training.  I use my Couch to 5k app during these sessions and run as fast as I can during the run segments and walk as fast as I can during the walk segments (trying to walk under 14 minutes per mile).  After all, “to run fast – you have to run fast”!!   Now to share with you my random thoughts:

  • Is that girl on the treadmill really talking on the phone while she’s running?  Hmmm..I’m going to role play how I think that conversation is going, “Hello..*heavy breathing*…I’m at the gym (said annoyingly)….*heavy breathing*…why do you ask…*more heavy breathing*?”  ha ha ha. I amuse myself.
  • I wonder if that lady realizes that is a weight machine and not a “wait” machine.  She’s been hanging out, draped over the machine awhile just watching TV.
  • The only negative thing I can think of about running indoors as opposed to outdoors is I cannot spit!  This is a tad bit problematic.
  • I bet if I spit on those muscle dudes they’d get off the track and out of my way.  This isn’t a “loading” zone, dudes.  Move it!  I don’t stand in front of your weight machines in your way!  Why must you make me weave around you?!
  • I don’t have to worry about sprinklers being on or off up in here!!!
  • I do miss running through the sprinklers though, that is fun, I must admit!
  • Does my watch say I’m running a 6 minute mile?  Holy goodness.  I’m like a turbo engine!
  • Surely you must hear me coming up behind you, lunge boy with the super heavy weights.  I’m doing like a 6 minute mile here and can hear myself breathing over my headphones.
  • Are they seriously going to set up that ladder on the track to fix that TV?  Am I supposed to run under the ladder?  I wonder what kind of bad luck that would bring me.
  • I wonder if the people on the treadmills are timing me and/or racing me?

Ran 2.26 miles in 26:57 minutes.  So, so, so, so thankful for the indoor running track.  Running in 108* just isn’t possible for me!

In closing news, my coworkers made a big deal about the fact that I bring my carrot to work unpeeled and then peel it at my desk.  They have inquired as to why I don’t peel it at home before I bring it in or why I don’t buy baby carrots.  I don’t see what the big deal is about peeling my carrot at work and I quite like the taste of regular carrots, they’re also quite a bit cheaper than baby ones.

Do you have any habits your coworkers question you about?  Or is it just me?  

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