Next Week’s Goals 5.17.12

Tonight was my meeting at Weight Watchers and…I lost 1.2 pounds!!  I’ve lost a total of 16.8 pounds since I started the program December 8, 2011.

This picture was taken 12.31.11 and by then I had lost 3.2 pounds.  I decided awhile ago this picture is going to be my “before” picture because when I saw it (you know, reality in color!!), I knew I didn’t want to look like this any more.  Regardless of my ability to run half marathons (albeit, slowly), the weight was an issue and I didn’t look how I wanted to look!

Now to goal setting.  Last week’s goals included:

  1. Tracking food.  I didn’t meet this goal..I’m really not good about tracking my food on a consistent basis.  But I am thoughtful about everything I put in my mouth and I often look up a foods Points Value before I eat it.  I avoid processed foods, white sugar and white flour on a very consistent basis.  That counts for something, right?
  2. At least 1 cross training workout.  MET and exceeded!!!!  I did 2!!!  BOOM!!
  3. Meal Plan.  MET!!!  Wrote the menu and shopped Saturday!!  Double BOOM!!!!

Meeting 2 out of 3 goals for last week isn’t bad.  Not going to beat myself up about not meeting #1 because, in cased you missed the first sentence, I still had a weight loss on the scale today.  **Doing the happy dance!!**

Okay..I’m done dancing now.  Time to get down to serious business – next week’s goals!!

  1. Do 1 load of laundry a day!  Not just wash & dry it but also fold and put away. I’m tired of running up and down the stairs looking for clothes. I really need to tackle the laundry monster and show it I’m the boss!
  2. Meal Plan!  It’s an important task and something I easily blow off.  I can’t do that. Aside from the extra work cooking at home creates, I am happier when we eat at home because then I know the family has had a healthier meal.  It’s also easier on the pocketbook and my waist line when we eat at home!
  3. At least 1 cross training workout.  Again, this is not my strong suit.  I can do my running workouts no problem, I rarely skip those and I look forward to them.  The cross training is another story but it’s something I am serious about this summer!

Leave a comment below and tell me what’s one goal you’d like to accomplish by next Wednesday evening!


4 thoughts on “Next Week’s Goals 5.17.12

  1. That’s great steady weight loss since December! Cross training is hard, especially if you’re trying to train for a race at the same time. It gets very time consuming. But I’ve noticed big body changes since I added in a weekly strength training class. Folding and putting away is THE hardest part of laundry. I have to put on a good show to watch while I fold or I’ll never do it.

    • I hear you on the “time consuming”. I feel like I’m at a place in which I can no longer ignore the cross training. I had an injury last fall and my chiro told me then I needed to strengthen my core. So it’s nagging in my head that I need to do that.

      Good tip on the folding laundry!! I also find that if I fold the laundry upstairs (where the bedrooms are) it actually gets put away (as opposed to when it gets folded downstairs)!

  2. Good luck with the goals this week!!! Congrats on hour weight loss journey! I think Weight Watchers is a great program!

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