Random Thoughts During Today’s 5.61 mile run..

Woke up at 5:15 am to get out the door by 5:45 am.  The early runner gets to run in cooler temps and that’s a big deal here in Phoenix!

  • Man it’s lovely out here – the weather is perfect!!!  Too bad this won’t last long!
  • Setting up for a yard sale, huh?  This means I’ll soon have to watch for vehicles as they won’t be watching for me.
  • Shoot! I forgot to wear my “please notice I’m here” bright yellow running shirt!
  • So nice of the gardeners to leave the sprinklers on in that one specific dip in the grass.  That’s an awfully nice pool the water is creating.  I’m sure the toddlers, dogs, and birds will appreciate that..hope people are watching their kids when they’re at the park later today!!
  • Those hot pink yard sale signs remind me I want to buy those hot pink Pro Compression socks!!
  • Damnit!  Why didn’t I wear my visor?  It’s bright out here!
  • I’m sexy and I know it?  There is nothing sexy about me right now!
  • Ah ah..girl look at that body, ah ah, girl look at that body, ah ah, girl look at that body – I RUN HALF MARATHONS!!
  • Speaking of looking at my body, my shadow looks less pack-muleish today!  Maybe it’s just the angle of the sun.
  • There sure is a lot more to think about when I run outdoors!!
  • Why am I feeling so sluggish right now?  I was feeling great a moment ago!
  • Driving my elbows straight back really does help raise my knees.  Fascinating! I really need to pay more attention to doing that!
  • Yeap, just as I suspected, the “where’s the yard sale?” vehicles are not watching for me..dumba$$!!!!!
  • Is it wrong that I just hauled a$$ to pass that walker and feel awesome for doing so?
  • Just because you don’t make eye contact with me doesn’t make me think you’re any less of a total douche bag for almost running me over!!!
  • I love how D plugs up her ears every time this song (Good Life) comes on…she’s so cute not being able to stand a song that reminds her of Disneyland!!!
  • That’s 3 runs this week with no BEP songs!!!  My mood is significantly better.  Awesome!

Ran 5.61 miles in 1:00:27.  I have a lot to do today but will be back later tonight to post my “Saturday Situation.”  I have a new camera I’d like to try out today, if time permits.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you’re doing today!  


5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts During Today’s 5.61 mile run..

  1. haha loved reading your morning run thoughts! mine are usually pretty similar 🙂

  2. Love it…glad you updated your playlist!

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