True Story Tuesday 5.22.12

  • It felt like I was walking on my pants all day.  Guess they’re getting too long.  Soon my fat pants will be too big for me!  True story!

(This is the “behind” view.  Look, mom, no shoes!)

  • I am obsessed with Fage with cherries Greek yogurt.  Addicted!  I’m almost at a two-a-day habit for which I hope there is no recovery/support group!!  True story!

  • I buy TP in bulk!  I have no shame about it, either.   True story!
Is there a “good for you” food you are addicted to?  
What do you buy in bulk?

6 thoughts on “True Story Tuesday 5.22.12

  1. I don’t know if you’d ever be interested in this (not everyone is as cheap as me), but I make my own greek yogurt since it’s so freaking expensive! It’s super easy…trust me, I hate cooking, so I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t easy! This past weekend I made my own soy yogurt since I’m kinda lactose intolerant, and it turned out great as well!

  2. Would love to have the recipe. Is it on your blog?

  3. I’m addicted to hummus. Is that good for you? 🙂 We buy TP in bulk too. There is nothing worse than running out of TP. We also stock up on frozen fruit all the time. It doesn’t go bad, and we use it for smoothies and on top of cereal.

  4. I LOVE blackberries and could eat them all day! Yum!! Trader Joe’s has the best!

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