Random Thoughts During Today’s Speed Training Run…

It’s 101* in Phoenix today.  Boy was I thankful I was headed to the gym to run indoors!  Here are some random thoughts I had during today’s speed training run…

  • It’s not as cool in here as one might expect for a gym…maybe the gym is trying to save money or conserve energy..
  • All those people working out on stationary machines could probably generate some power…they should figure out a way to hook those machines up to a generator or something..
  • Would someone please explain to me why these people like to walk at a slow and casual pace in the wrong direction on the jogging track?
  • I’m totally counting how many times I’ve lapped that dude.  Wha ha ha ha!!!
  • This inability to spit indoors is becoming problematic…
  • WTF?!!  Dude!!!  I almost just plowed right in to you!!  (Because he was standing on the curve (in a blind spot) and walking in the wrong freakin’ direction).  You’re lucky all I could muster up was a “sheesh” because I should have cussed you out!!!
  • Is my heart pounding so hard because I’m running so fast or because I almost slammed in to that moron?!?!
  • Where’d that guy go that I almost ran right in to (would have been his fault, of course)?  I bet he’s hiding in a corner until I leave!
  • I can’t get over how many people are paused from lifting weights while they text.  Seriously!?
  • I really need to buy a foam roller…I really need to buy a foam roller…I really need to buy a foam roller.
  • If I’m running at a 6-7 minute mile and I slam right in to someone who is either stopped or walking  in the wrong direction on the jogging track, I wonder if insurance would cover the damage.  I wonder who would get hurt the most.  Me?  Or them?  Probably me because that’s how it work.
  • Hot damn it is hot when I run in front of these windows.  Holy Moly!
  • I sure am glad I don’t have to run outside today..just running in front of those windows slows me down.  Can’t imagine being outside running in this.

Ran 2.24 miles in 27:15 minutes.  I tried out some new socks during today’s run but I don’t think they’re right for running.  Run and learn.

How’s your Wednesday going?


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