Next Week’s Goals

I’m feeling frazzled.  Do I look frazzled?

I have a lot going on in the next week – my family is coming in to town, son is graduating high school, my son is moving away…  lots to do, lots going on, lots running through my mind..

I’m happy to share last week’s goals were met!

  1. Do 1 load of laundry a day!  Some days I did more than 1 a day so it evened out!
  2. Meal Plan!  Yeap, sure did.  We’ve been eating dinner at home, except for one night when we had Chipotle.  I ❤ Chipotle and even when we went there, I ordered my 8 pt salad and resisted the temptation to order my 17 pt bowl!
  3. At least 1 cross training workout.  I went Tuesday and Thursday.  Instead of going to weigh in for Weight Watcher’s last night, I went to the Total Body Conditioning class at the gym. It kicked my butt!

Time to write next week’s goals, which started yesterday..(Last night I was tearing apart my closet looking for my son’s Social Security Card.  He said he had given it to me but I never lose paperwork and it wasn’t in the envelope I store it in.  Long story short, found it in his Passport.  Which means he gave me back his Passport without mentioning the SSN Card was inside.  Ugh!!!  Please see picture above for how I’m feeling on the inside…frazzled!!!) Alright, back to goals!!

  1. Track my food!!!!!!!!!!!  Did I mention my family will be in town?  Have I mentioned my dad is the world’s best pie maker???  Did I mention my son has requested pie on graduation night??  Yeah…I really gotta keep things in check this week.  Between the food and the alcohol and the celebrating…  Dangerous!
  2. Do my work outs.  This normally isn’t a difficult task for me to do but with the family in town and the routines being out of routine…..completing my work outs will be a challenge!  (This includes my cross training classes and my runs!!)
  3. Start the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak.  This challenge starts Monday and lasts until July 4th.  The challenge is to run, at least, 1 mile a day!  I’m doing this in honor of our military, firefighters, police force, etc.

I heard some great news this morning!!

Doth my eyes deceive me??  Is it reported to be in the 80’s on Saturday?!? Heard the report on the news this AM and just about jumped out of my skin!!  Most definitely will be doing my 6.2 mile run on Saturday, baby!!   Cannot wait to run in those amazing cool temperatures.  Looking forward to it!!

What goals have you set for yourself this week?

Are you participating in the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak challenge?


6 thoughts on “Next Week’s Goals

  1. I love your goal of laundry! Laundry is my downfall because in the moment it is not fun, but ultimately it is self-care.

  2. PushDumpFatButton says:

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  3. I’m doing the Running streak too!! A little nervous but hopefull a minimum of 1 mile on my cross training days won’t be too harsh on my body during training. Congrats on meeting your goals this week! You did a great job with all that going on 🙂

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