Random Thoughts During Today’s 7 Mile Run!

When temperatures drop from being in the 100’s to being in the 80’s, a runner in Phoenix has no choice but to get outside and run!  (In my opinion.)  After all, it could be the last time we see 80 degree temperatures again until October, maybe even November!  So out I went…just me, my iPod, Garmin and a flood of random thoughts:

  • Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day!!!
  • There’s hardly any traffic on the road this AM…I love 3 day weekends in Phoenix – everyone skips town-it’s the perfect time to stay in town!
  • I have so much to do today, I have so much to do today, I have so much to do today..
  • I’m not even going to complain about this wind that is almost knocking me over..nope, not gonna complain, even though it’s really making it difficult to maintain my pace…I’m not complaining!
  • C’mon, you can do it, you can do it, you can beat yesterday’s 5k time…YES!!!!! I did it!!!!!  Phew..now I might die..
  • We should go to the brewery after we pick up my parents at the airport…I could limit myself to one beer since I have to drive back to the airport later to pick up my seester!!
  • I’m excited my family is coming..I hope we have a good time!
  • Chicken enchiladas at the brewery sound so good!!
  • I bet my mom would split the enchiladas with me.
  • I wonder which beer my dad would pick at the brewery
  • I really need to go buy a foam roller today!!  I love the way it rolled the pain in my butt out!! he he he
  • I should just make the pork chops we already have in the fridge and keep the brewery for later..
  • We could have the pork chops but stop in for just one beer..
  • I can’t believe she called me out in her blog about buying a foam roller. I’m totally going to buy one today.  Who knew a foam roller could feel so good?  I wonder what else she’s told me to try and I haven’t listened..
  • I wonder how many other runners spit when they run, I seem to spit a bit.  It really sucks when I can’t spit at the gym!
  • I am killing my last 10k race time…feeling good!
  • Why does the first half of a run seem to go so slow and the 2nd half goes faster?  I don’t seem to run any faster or slower during each segment..
  • You’re right, Kelly Clarkson – What doesn’t kills you makes you stronger, STRONGER!!!!

Ran 7.01 miles in 1:16:26.  According to Daily Mile, that is my 4th fastest time in the past year.  In fact, my top 5 fastest times have been recorded just this month. I’m definitely feeling stronger and faster when I run. I’m pretty excited.  I ordered the book “Train Like a Mother” because my BFF was telling me it’s pretty good.  I’m curious to read what their training plan is for killing my next half marathon (which happens to be the Disneyland half marathon September 2, 2012)!!

What’s your favorite part of a 3 day weekend?

Are you running the Disneyland half marathon?

Do you have a foam roller?


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts During Today’s 7 Mile Run!

  1. That is awesome that you can see the results of your hard work! I just tried the foam roller for the first time this week at the gym, and it hurt so good. It would definitely be nice to have one!

  2. […] Saturday with my 7.01 mile run (yes, that .01 is important)!!  Then K, D, and me drove all the way to Scottsdale for the […]

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