The Weekend Situation…so far..

It’s been a busy weekend…let’s rewind and start at Friday night!

D insisted she was going to stay up as late as she wanted.  Apparently, that meant 9:15 pm.

Started Saturday with my 7.01 mile run (yes, that .01 is important)!!  Then K, D, and me drove all the way to Scottsdale for the Farmer’s Market except the produce people weren’t there (apparently, they aren’t coming for the summer–good to know!).  To avoid it being a complete waste of the trip, we went to Sprinkles and scored free cupcakes!!  Also picked up a Gluten Free cupcake for my seester who was flying in later that day!  But it’s more fun to tell these stores in pictures!!

Spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing the house after our fruitless cupcakeful trip to Scottsdale.  Restocked the shelves in the living room with framed photos and stopped and gushed over this 16 year old photo.  These two babies (the one on the right being my son, the one on the left being my cousin’s daughter) are graduating high school over the next two weeks.  They grow so fast!!  I remember them playing in the tub like it was yesterday!

My BFF was telling me about this book so I ordered it and it arrived (love Amazon Prime!!)..just in time for my house to fill up with company!

After we picked up my parents at the airport (they flew in from Ohio), we went for dinner and I had beer…you know, since I spent 15 minutes thinking about  beer on my morning run:

Once home, I presented my Dad with his free banana cupcake from Sprinkles and he figured out a clever way to keep his beer nearby, yum, banana and beer!!

My Mom, D, and I went to pick my seester (flying in from Boston) at the airport.  Returned home to find Dad in either a cupcake or beer coma…or maybe he was passed out because it was 1 am EDT!

On Saturday, we girls did some shopping because 3 out of 4 of us were in search for dresses.  I found this really lovely dress at Express but talked myself out of buying it (because it was $80) and now I’m beating myself up for not getting it!!!!!!!!!

(Note the recovery Pro Compression socks..I think it completed the entire outfit.)

Any way, we just called the Express closer to my home and they don’t have this dress in the size I need it.  So upset!!!!

But my seester found a dress she liked and she is obviously smarter than me because she bought it before leaving the store!

She was feeling all excited since her new dress came in a fancy dress bag and not a regular plastic bag.  It’s the little things..

But no matter how smart and fancy she is…she’s been struggling today to properly get in to the back of my vehicle.  According to her, “They don’t have cars in Boston!”

I’m not much of a shopper. I get frustrated and irritated. We eventually left the mall and headed across the street to..

Frosting shots make everything all better!

Until the frosting shot is all gone..

Now we can head back home..with cupcakes in tow!

The day’s not over..we’re headed to the brewery soon…so there’ll probably be no further updates or non-blurry photos after that. I’m exhausted and really upset that I didn’t get that dress.  Don’t think there’s time to drive all the way back to Scottsdale tomorrow AM before our Memorial Day shing ding.

Update:  My wonderful mom and seester are going to go back to the store at Scottsdale mall first thing tomorrow morning to get me the dress!!!  My seester already called the store and put the dress on hold.  I have the best family in the world!!  🙂


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