Motivated Monday on Memorial Day..

I just woke up from an afternoon nap and exclaimed, “I need to write my Motivated Monday post” but..I’m not feeling very motivated..and K quickly pointed that out!

I started my day with a 1.32 mile run.  I’m participating in Runner’s World Summer Running Streak challenge.  I don’t normally run on Monday’s but I do love adding miles to my Daily Mile account!!

Before the crazies in Phoenix swarmed the stores for their liquid lunches, my Dad and I went to the grocery store to secure necessary items for today’s Mexican BBQ feast!

After we were home, I made Mexican Pasta Salad!


And guac..sorry, no picture of the guac since I don’t eat it but all of the “tasters” in my house confirmed it was pretty tasty stuff.

While I was making the house smell rich with jalapeno, cilantro, onion and the likes…my seester, mom and D were securing me this beauty!!

Now that everyone was back in one place, K grilled us some arrachera…translation meaning – yummiest meat you could stuff in a burrito!

Put it all together and you get this:

It was delish.  We stuffed ourselves silly!!!

In an effort to procrastinate writing my “motivated” post…we all dined on yummy Sprinkles cupcakes.  The Peanut Butter Chip is my absolute favorite!!!

But when I stop and think about it…I am motivated this week to keep at my runs.

For the past two weeks my weekly report from Daily Mile has shown more of my friends logging miles.  Although some of them aren’t doing actual running miles, K being one, it’s still cool to see them reported  on my Leaderboard.  And I’m not going to lie, I like seeing that I’m at the top!   But it’s cool to see they’re logging in and posting workouts.  That motivates me to keep at it.

I’m gonna be honest, my eating and drinking habits these past couple of days has been poor.  I know when I go to my Total Body Conditioning class tomorrow, I’m going to struggle because of the poor choices I have made (and because I’m a tool and have better form running than I do strength training). least I plan to go to the class.  And..I did get up early this morning and went for my run (even if it was a short one)!

Along the journey of living a healthy lifestyle, I’m going to come across days that I don’t make the best choices and that’s okay!  I think this is part of life-you win some, you lose some.  As long as I’m aware of it and limit it to a few days here and there.  It’s not every day my parents and seester are in town to visit.  I’m pretty proud of the spread we had for our BBQ, I did limit myself to only one burrito and all in all, the meal wasn’t that bad in terms of healthy choices!  (Yes, the cupcake “takes the cake” and I have no excuse for that..but it was good!)  With that said, I’m going to make a commitment to have much better eating habits the next couple of days because I still need to fit in to that dress!!!

Hope you’re having a great Memorial Day!!

How are you staying motivated today?

How are you feeling about the  food choices you made this weekend?

If you started the RW Running Streak today, how’d it go?



6 thoughts on “Motivated Monday on Memorial Day..

  1. Well, I did run a mile yesterday without thinking about the challenge but now that you remind me about it, I guess I’ll commit. 🙂 It’s only a mile.

  2. We had birthdays and cookouts, so I made some crappy choices. I love your cookout theme. That sounds delish!

  3. runfundone says:

    Whoa! The food looks amazing…but that grocery cart looks a little overwhelming! I spent the weekend in Canada…and I love love love Tim Horton’s donut holes, so when I go up to Canada, I indulge…like buying and eating a 20 pack on my own. No joke. It was worth the stomach ache!

    • My dad loves Tim Hortons. They have them in Ohio! That’s a lot of donut holes but at least you were happy!!! I think we have to have moments like eating 20 donut holes to be human. Ya know?? As long as those events make up a handful of times in the year and not the entire year. Ya know??

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