True Story Tuesday! 5.29.12

  • My seester is so cool she can’t terminate phone calls even when she piles in to the back seat of a car with me and our Dad.  The phone convo continues as  my Dad and I are trying to take goofy pictures.  True story!
  • Postino’s boasts that drinking wine during lunch is not a crime–could not agree more!  True story.

  • This Bruschetta is the shiznit!!  True story!!!
  • Apparently some things are not obvious.  True story!

  • I wore long yoga pants to my fitness class at the gym today to distract me from obsessing on my fat knees.  True story!

What’s the strangest sign you’ve seen in a gym?  

Do you love bruschetta?

What’s your favorite thing about stay-cations?


4 thoughts on “True Story Tuesday! 5.29.12

  1. I love Brushetta!!
    No strange signs in the gym but I did work out a few treadmills away from Dennis Rodman the other day. He’s a little strange. Who knew we went to the same gym?!
    I’m kind of lucky to live in an area where lots of people come to vacation, so there’s always something to do here!

  2. runfundone says:

    At my gym in Pasadena there were all sorts of signs threatening to permanently expel whomever was stealing the shampoo…if they got caught. I couldn’t figure out a) why someone would steal crappy gym shampoo & b) how they would catch her…were they going to videotape in the locker room to catch the culprit?

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