Random Thoughts During Today’s Speed Training Run…5.30.12

First…Happy Birthday to my Dad!!!!

Second…today is J’s high school graduation ceremony..

That said, I’m on vacation this week so I woke up at 7 am to run outdoors (because I prefer to run outdoors as opposed to indoors).  There’s so much more to think about when you run outside and I don’t have to worry about silly muscle guys standing in my way on a running track..  But I digress, back to my random thoughts..

  • My legs are feeling sluggish today, probably because of all the squats the fitness instructor made us do yesterday..yeap, that’s what I’m going to tell myself.
  • Brass Monkey..that funky monkey!!
  • It’s already getting warm out here, glad I got up as early as I did.
  • I need to go to Fresh & Easy and get the bread I like for my morning toast.
  • I can’t believe my son is graduating high school today….Quick, think about something else..
  • Wow, my Garmin says I just hit 6:32 pace…I may feel sluggish and not my legs because they seem to know what to do!
  • So, I got the book Train Like a Mother, now I just need time to read the book…that’s kinda ironic!
  • I really can’t stand seeing people texting while driving.
  • Where are all these kids going? Why are they all dressed the same??  Oh!!  That’s right, today is the last day of school. Lucky D gets to take a vacation day and stay home with the family…she’s so cute.
  • Ha ha ha, the kids sitting here waiting for their bus are all playing on handheld devices.  Are those iPhones?!?!  How old are they?  8?  Wow!!
  • I gotta hurry and get off this street before the school bus comes, I don’t want to get stopped behind it.  Wait…ha ha ha, I’m a pedestrian, I don’t have to wait behind the bus, I can just continue along my path.  That’s hysterical.  I crack myself up thinking I have to wait for the kids to load on to the bus and I can’t just run by..wow.
  • I’m going to eat Fage with cherries when I get home because I’m out of my yummy bread..
  • I also don’t have my kombucha tea..boo!!   I’m out of the things I look forward to most after my run!!  Boo!!!!

I ran 2.12 miles in 26:42 minutes.  Have a busy day ahead of me!!

What are your exercise plans today?

What’s your favorite post run snack?

Does your kid have an iPhone?


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts During Today’s Speed Training Run…5.30.12

  1. I haven’t decided my workout plans for the day! Now that marathon training is over, I’m thinking of doing a random workout but can’t choose! My favorite post run food is salmon haha not quite a snack, but I love having grilled salmon after running! I like it with just a little salt and pepper, and it hits the spot!

    I don’t have kids, but my younger cousins have iPhones. My cousin who is a freshman in high school has an iPhone, and his little sister (who is in junior high) is really wanting one. Right now she has a touch screen smart phone, so it’s pretty similar…

  2. Interesting, I don’t think I’ve heard of salmon as being a fave post run snack but I like it!!!

    I know lots of high schoolers have iPhones but I hadn’t seen an elementary school kid with one until my run yesterday.

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