You Can Run 11 Miles on an Indoor Track Without Losing Your Mind…and Other Random Thoughts..

K and I watched 21 JumpStreet last night and laughed our booties off.  At least I felt like we laughed our booties off but when I woke up this morning I noticed my bootie was still hanging on!  Oh well!

I set the alarm to get up at 5 am for my long run but I shut that noise right off when it rudely woke me up!

When my body woke up all on its own at 9 am, I knew I was screwed for running outdoors.  Truth be told, I love Phoenix and I don’t mind the heat.  What I hate about summer is there is such a small window of opportunity to run outdoors and it means getting up at 0’Dark Thirty – I suppose the solution there is to quit running?  Nah!!!  I don’t like to wake up early but I do it 5x a week for work.  I hate waking up early on the weekend unless I’m going on a trip or running a race.

I really tried to talk myself out of doing a long run.  But it’s like my body was being controlled by something other than my nagging mind because it kinda went in to auto-pilot and just started getting ready to go to the gym.  It was the strangest thing.  My mind was screaming, “I don’t want to do this!!!  You can’t make me!!!” and yet the rest of me wasn’t paying attention.

When I stepped outside I thought for one split second, “I could run out here, couldn’t I?” but my body kept moving towards the car and then I saw this (the clock says PM but it’s wrong, I need to fix that, it’s AM!):

There goes my brilliant idea that I could run outside:

So off to the gym to run on the 1/10th of a mile around indoor running track..this ought to be interesting:

  • Okay…so let’s just drop this down to a 5 mile run instead.
  • Saturday mornings are clearly not a popular workout time.
  • I really hate this shoe on my left foot!
  • I really don’t want to do this today, maybe just 45 minutes?
  • Shauna is right, this sucks-this sucks-this sucks.
  • Stop whining and just get through this.  If you keep griping this is going to drag on forever.  Find a happy place.
  • Wow, all the treadmills are in use but nobody is on the bikes. I really don’t know that I could stand in one spot and run.  It’s hard enough on this track.
  • It’s a lot cooler in here than it was yesterday.
  • Is that Running Jan Brady??  Oh…no…just a totally different girl who is strutting around here trying to get noticed.
  • That’s a big group gathering for Zumba.
  • Whoa, stopping for that GU (although completely nasty) and Nuun really seems to have helped me a lot!
  • Is that dude sleeping in that chair??  OMG, yes he is.  Dude, are all these people exercising wearing you out?  Wow.  Dude, get up and do some exercise then maybe you won’t be so freakin’ tired.
  • That looks like one of my water bottles in that corner…oh…that is my water bottle..hurry back around to get it so it doesn’t disappear!
  • What is that lady doing with her legs?  She’s walking like a flamingo!  Wow, that’s runny.
  • Seriously…every time I hear this Pink song (Family Portrait) I get teary eyed.  I’m glad she seems to have worked things out with her parents.  It is so awful what people do to their kids!
  • Sleeping Dude, your wife has just gone in to the Zumba class and you’re still sleeping in that chair. I’m getting really pissed off now!
  • Who comes to a gym and sleeps?
  • Seether, your “F$^k It” song needs to be my official Power Song!!!  Hot damn my legs picked up the speed during this song!
  • Don’t worry, Eminem, we still have “No Love”!  Nobody can take that away from us!
  • OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!  8.49 miles done??  Really!?!?  Oh I can’t quit now!!
  • How did I get to 9 miles without noticing?  I swear the first four miles were torture!
  • Why is the last mile always the hardest?  C’mon legs, I know you’re sore and tired but let’s finish strong.
  • Oh my goodness, I am so sore.  WTH?!!
  • Can it be?  OMG!!  I just ran 11 miles on an indoor track and I didn’t lose my mind!!!!!

I ran 11.03 miles in 2:00:53 hours.  I’m not gonna lie, I cried while I did my stretches, not because I was in pain but because I was so happy I did the full 11 miles. I  really did not want to do this run but I didn’t want to come back here and give a bunch of BS excuses, either.

I smell something fierce so I must shower and put these clothes in the washing machine.  Gahhrroosss!!!!

Do you listen to dance music or angry music (like Rock) when you run?  I listen to both but it seems the angry music helped the most today

Would you be sad and angry if you saw an overweight dude sleeping at the gym?

What is your favorite cocktail?

Random Thoughts During Today’s Speed Training Run…6.29.12

We made it to Friday!!!!

Look what I got in the mail yesterday!!  I won a giveaway at Erica’s blog, Running for Bling – a girl after my own heart!

I love Nuun! I haven’t tried the grape flavor before and I am super excited to try the “All Day” version!!  Whoo hoo!!  Thanks, Erica!!

In other exciting news…Can I just tell you I’m a genius?

I think it was last week that I thought out loud on this blog about switching my speed training runs to Friday since the gym is less crowded.

Yeah…I’m a genius!

Here are some random thoughts during today’s speed training run:

  • Forgetting my sweat band was probably not a wise move.
  • I really don’t feel like doing this today.
  • I can’t believe it’s our first Friday night alone with no kids and we’re at the gym.  Who goes to the gym on a Friday night?  Clearly not the teenagers!
  • I am so hungry and I’m not even half way through this run.
  • I hate these corners, they really hurt my shins as I run around them. I don’t think this is a natural position for my feet to move in.
  • So I need to run 11 miles tomorrow…I wonder how much of that I’ll be able to get done outside?!
  • Ugh…I have so much homework to do, it’s the last thing I want to do!
  • I’m really struggling to get to the end of these run sessions.  My lungs hurt.  My legs hurt.  I’m whining..wah wah wah!!
  • That’s right, dude, I’m totally staying way ahead of you even though you lapped me on my walk break.  See this race shirt I’m wearing?  Oh yeah, it means I’m freakin’ awesome!
  • Note to self: speed training runs on Friday are smarter since it’s a shorter run before my super long run on Saturday!
  • I can’t believe how much I sweat from my head.
  • I wonder how many people remember the song they were listening to when they ran the last mile of their first half marathon?!  Me and Eminem will always have “No Love” as he brought me to the finish line on that glorious day!  Awww…
Thoughts on my way out the door:
  • Okay, lady in the stall taking a poo….must you answer your phone and carry on a conversation while you do that?  Awkward!!
  • Girl…please run yourself straight to a store to get fitted for a running bra.  You gotta get those girls under control.  Someone’s gonna get hurt!

I ran 2.24 miles in 26:32 minutes.  5 more runs until I get a rest day.  Can you tell I’m looking forward to it?

After I left the gym, I headed over to Redbox to use my 50 cents off coupon code!  Because the Redbox at the gas station was “temporarily out of service” I had to travel all the way (3/4 of a mile) to the grocery store. I wasn’t too bothered since I came home with these babies.

I quickly tore in to my favorite snack (Fage with cherries) since I was hungry 5 minutes in to today’s run!

And before I could even finish half of this blog posting, I polished off a bowl of cherries!

Now I have to do some homework.  So I must away so I can get that done and move on to the more important things in life – chilling with K and drinking beer!

Have you seen the movie version of 21 JumpStreet?

What’s your favorite Greek yogurt brand?

Do you drink beer?

Wild Caught Salmon, Next Week’s Goals & Future Races!

We’ve made it to Thursday!!!  Hip, hip – HOORAY!!!

After work I drove as fast as I could straight to Sprout’s to pick up the advertised $1.29 a pound cherries.  I thought about those cherries all day long – True Story!!!  I couldn’t wait to secure 5 pounds of cherries all for me!!! Yum, yum, yum!

While I was at Sprout’s I decided to pick up something for dinner for the Mr. and me.  It was very strange walking through the store and not hearing, “Mommy, can we get some apples…Mommy, let’s get some tomatoes….Mommy, if I’m good can I have a lemonade?”  I’m not use to being able to hear myself think in that store because D is usually going NUTS over all the fresh produce!  Yeap, it’s true – my daughter will cut you for some fresh produce!

A couple of weeks ago I saw an ad in the store that they’d soon be selling wild caught salmon.  I’ve read a lot in recent months that I should only purchase wild caught salmon and so we haven’t had salmon in quite awhile.  Low and behold, wild caught salmon was in their seafood case – which is good because I didn’t have a Plan B for dinner ideas.  I marveled at the massive color difference between the “other” salmon and the wild caught salmon!

I quickly ordered up a pound of the wild caught stuff for me and K..forgetting that without the kids around, 1 pound may be too much.  Whoops.  That will teach me to go to Sprout’s starving!

Can you tell I’m stalling on writing about my goals because I kinda sucked at them this week?

So last week I set the following goals for myself:

  1. Find an app to help me track my food and start using it.  I downloaded the Livestrong app on Tuesday (?) and I used it for breakfast and lunch.  I would call this a major FAIL!
  2. Keep running.  Yeap, I ran every single day last week. I skipped the long run but I think my legs thanked me for it!
  3. Come back here next Thursday and post my weigh in weight.  Well, here I am.  I’ll post the weight in a moment. I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your seats waiting for that reveal!

Last Thursday I weighed 178.2  Today my weight was 178.6.  I’m not upset about that at all!

Goals for next week:

  1. Use the freakin’ Livestrong app to track my food!  It doesn’t do me any good to just have the app sitting on my phone. I need to actually use the stupid thing, duh!
  2. Finish this Runner’s World Summer Running Streak strong! There are 6 more runs until this challenge is over. I have come this far, I can’t stop now!!
  3. Do my long run this weekend!  I skipped the long run last weekend and I already have those nagging thoughts in my head telling me it’s okay if I skip this weekend.  But it’s really not okay if I skip. I need to do it.  The Disneyland half marathon is September 2nd and I want a PR!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m not going to get that PR by sitting on my arse and skipping the long run!

In other exciting news…looks like I can start planning my 2012/2013 race season.  (My race seasons go from September – March, there aren’t very many races beyond March in Phoenix.)

Here’s the line up so far (green bold means I’m already registered):

  • SeptemberDisneyland 5k and Disneyland half marathon  I ran this half marathon for the first time last year.  Amazing!
  • October – ?  No idea.  Got a suggestion??
  • NovemberWomen’s Half Marathon Scottsdale.  I’ve never run this one before and I have a friend running this as her first half marathon.  Good times!!!
  • December – Hot Chocolate 15k ?  Just heard about this race today and 2 of my friends are all about running this one with me.  That would be amazing!!!!  I also want to do the Iron Girl 10 mile.  These races are a week apart but I should be running 10 miles every weekend by that point so I don’t think back-to-back races are going to kill me!
  • JanuaryTinker Bell half marathon.  Running this race again with M!  We had the best time last year!!  By the way, if you haven’t registered for this race yet and you plan to, you might want to hurry, it’s already 72% sold!
  • February – Lost Dutchman. I’ve done the 10k the past 2 years but am thinking about doing the half marathon this time!  We’ll see.
  • March – Phoenix Marathon 10k?   I did the 10k this past year and it was awesome.  This girl is running the full mary so I at least have to be out there doing some race just to cheer her on!    I may consider the half marathon if I don’t do the half marathon at Lost Dutchman.  Tough choices!

Have you run any of the races I list in my lineup? 

If you had a .4 gain, would you freak out?

Any idea why I can’t get the “tracking my food” habit down?  

Random Thoughts During Today’s 45 minute Run…6.27.12

Have you heard about the fires in Colorado, particularly Colorado Springs?  There hasn’t been a lot of media coverage on it, today I checked and the headline was 6th in line.  It’s a pretty massive fire!!  My sister was in CO for a conference and she alerted our family to the extreme situation they were facing.  Before we knew it, she called to inform us she was being evacuated from her hotel.  She soon posted this picture on her Facebook!

I’ve been following the reports of the fire all day today.  My heart breaks for the residents who are fleeing their homes and watching this fire rage on.   My prayers are with everyone in Colorado Springs.  My sister was able to evacuate and is now traveling to be with my parents.  We’re very thankful she’s safe but our hearts and prayers are still with those in CO!

I figured I would lead with that story so you might have some insight as to why today’s thoughts while running are probably on the grumpy side.  I wasn’t feeling this run going in to it but I did as any good runner would do, laced up my shoes and forced myself to go any way thinking, “I’ll get in to it,” or, “When it’s over I’ll be glad I did it.”  Spoiler alert: At no point did either of those things come true for me today!

  • Gym is a little less busy than a normal Wednesday.  Maybe I won’t have any issues with morons today.
  • Alright, teenager walking in the wrong direction at a slow pace…pick a side..quickly…okay…*I zigged, he zagged*  *slam* *I scream out loud* SH*T!!!!!  Well…just as I predicted, I have slammed in to someone and I wasn’t even going that fast.  WTF?!?!
  • Now I’m pissed!!!
  • What is this dude doing?  Runs super hard and fast for 10 seconds and then slows to a snails pace.  What is he doing?  He’s not getting anywhere.  Is this some sort of weird cardio workout?
  • Alright, now I’ve seen it all – that dude is working out in slippers!  That can’t be a good idea.
  • I’m really tired of the people that walk in the wrong direction on this flippin’ track.  How can people be so oblivious or have such lack of concern for the dangerous situation they’re creating?!?  Gawd..people suck sometimes!
  • Yes, it seems like a great idea to do lunges on to a step that is 3 feet high while balancing a weight bar on your neck.  Then as you step backwards off the step – mind you ON TO THE RUNNING TRACK – without looking and nearly whack me in the face with your weights…don’t bother to pay me any attention, I’m just running in my rightful spot!
  • I realize you’re getting your walk on, lady, but would you mind not swinging your arms like that?  You’ve hit me a couple of times now and surely you must feel it when your hand makes contact with my person!  Ugh…I am so annoyed today!
  • Cherries are on sale at Sprout’s this week, I really need to swing by there and get some. I won’t even have to share my 4 lb bag with D!
  • This guy is jogging and keeps coming up behind me but isn’t passing me. I’m starting to think he’s checking out my butt!  I don’t know if I should be flattered or creeped out?
  • I need to run 11 miles this weekend and I’m already regretting it.
  • Am I burning out on this running business?
  • You cannot burn out on running!!  You love bling.  You just need to tough out the summer and then it’s back to running in the bike lane!
  • OMG, I am so glad this run is almost over!!!

I ran 4.15 miles in 45:01.  When I pulled in to the parking lot at the gym my car’s thermostat registered at 115*.  I swear, I’m so tempted to reduce my runs to 20 minutes 3x a week and just run outside.  I’m so tired of the idiots at the gym.

I did warn you I was a bit grumpy!

Smells like dinner is almost ready!  I picked up a free rental at Redbox on my way home from the gym.  I think we have some beer left from the brewery last night.  Time to unwind!

Have you ever slammed in to a person while running?

Do you swing your arms like a wild maniac while you walk or run?  

There are 7 days left in the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak Challenge – have you made it this far?

Motivated Monday 6.25.12

Happy Monday!!!

With J living in Ohio and D visiting family in California, today was my first day coming home to an empty house.  SO weird!!!!  What did I do with my freedom?  Sat down and finished my homework.  After my assignments were submitted, I went for my 1 mile run.  I was finished with the evening’s “to do” list before 6 pm!!  Nice!!!

Earlier today I was struggling with the guilt of canceling my long run this weekend.  Normally if I schedule a run for myself, I complete that run.  Then I got my Daily Mile email report:

That word “Fantastic” really inspired me.  I ran 12 miles last week.  I ran every single day last week.  That is pretty fantastic!

Then I checked my monthly total:

There are 5 days left in the month, 5 days that I will run, and I’m already at 63 miles for the month!  63 miles is the most miles I have logged in a month – ever.  Not just the past 12 months but the past 22 months (my entire running career)!  63 miles!!!  That’s freakin’ awesome!!!

Running, to me, is a competition with myself.  I want to become the best runner I can be.  Not the best runner my friends or other bloggers can be – just the best runner that I can be.  I definitely love talking to other runners about their experience, training, and accomplishments and I draw inspiration from them but I don’t ever compare that to myself.  As runners, we each have our own paths and goals.  I love that about this sport!

Today – I am completely motivated by how far I’ve come and what I’ve accomplished.

How has your Monday been?

Did you run the RnR Seattle this weekend? (I think I’m adding that race to my bucket list)

What are you motivated to accomplish this week?

The Weekend Situation (so far), Excuses and Random Thoughts!

My normal weekend routine typically goes like this:

  • Friday night – Run and early bed
  • Saturday – Early AM run, errands, cleaning, and some resting (if I’m lucky)
  • Sunday – Up in the air…but usually stay home and do whatever needs getting done

This weekend has been anything but normal!

Friday night we had a late night out having dinner with my seester and D – both of whom had early morning Saturday flights to leave Arizona (seester going home and D going to CA for two weeks)!

D was super excited about her solo trip and her “big head” was growing larger and larger by the minute. I was starting to wonder how she’d fit her big girl head in the airplane but it seems to have made it in!

I don’t see anything sticking out that shouldn’t….do you?

Big firsts for my children yesterday: J got his driver’s permit in Ohio and D took her first airplane ride all alone!

After K and I were home from the airport, I did some homework and then went for my 1 mile run.  After I was home K insisted I shower so we can go to lunch which ended up being at the San Tan Brewing Co…Oh Yeah!!!

From there..the afternoon gets blurry! 🙂  We did meet up with M and her family because it was M’s birthday and they were in the area.  I always laugh a lot when I’m with M and we had a lovely visit!!

So here’s my thing..  I get up on the weekdays between 5:15 am and 5:30 am.  On the weekend, during the summer, I have one day that I have to set the alarm and get my run on before the sun comes up too much.  That said, with Saturday’s early AM trip to the airport..I didn’t want to have to set my alarm Sunday morning. I need at least one day a week that I can sleep until my body is ready to get up!  I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Additionally, my heart was not in this 10 mile run I had scheduled for myself.  I’ve been running every single day since May 28th and the lack of rest days is taking a toll. I just needed a break and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me taking a step back and saying, “I won’t do a long run this week!”  So..there you have it.  I gave myself permission to cancel my long run.  If someone would like to come collect my “Runner’s Club Card” just let me know.  But I highly doubt I’m going to get kicked out of the club because I just didn’t feel like running 10 miles on a 1/10th of a mile indoor running track.  Anyone here want to blame me for that?  I didn’t think so!

But the “you need to go for a run longer than a mile” voice in my head kept nagging at me.  So today, after I finished my 2 hours of homework, I set out for a run.  Told K I didn’t know how long I’d be or how many miles I’d do but I’d be back when I felt like it-which isn’t a very wise plan considering it’s so hot here, I normally like to tell K when he should expect me home so he can come look for me if he has to.  I was going to do that thing where you run for feel and freedom and not for time or pace or mileage.

So…yeah…it’s hot out there!!!!!!!!!!  There’s also a bit of humidity in the air – YUCK!!!!  Here’s what I thought about along the way:

  • I like that my tan line shows where my running socks start/stop on my ankle!  Tan lines to be proud of.
  • It feels weird not looking down at my running watch every 15 seconds. I wonder what my pace is…
  • It would be okay if I just ran my usual 1 mile.
  • You can do longer than 1 mile, maybe 1.5.
  • C’mon, at least do a 5k.
  • Who am I kidding?  What crazy person runs in this heat?
  • 11 minutes in and I’m already through one bottle of water.  There is no flippin’ way you could run 10 miles out here in these conditions.
  • If I was in a race right now, they’d have to put up black flags to warn runners.  I wonder if everyone would still get the bling?!
  • I’m going to finish the length of this road and then head home…this is stupid!
  • Don’t drivers have anything better to stare at than me?  Have they never seen a runner before?
  • I’m so glad I got most of my paper done for class.
  • When race season kicks up again, do I want to run a half marathon every month or every other month?  How about a 10k in between half marathon months?  Hmm…I gotta get all that figured out!
  • I could finish this “10 mile” run at the gym….or not.
  • I vote “not”!

I ran 2.03 miles in 23:21 minutes.  A far cry from the scheduled 10 miles but…better than nothing! I won’t be at the top of the leader board on Daily Mile this week but that’s okay!  It’s more important that I listen to my body and not burn out on this running business.  After all, I have a date with a half marathon to set a PR on September 2, 2012!

 Do you feel guilty when/if you deviate from a running plan?

Random Thoughts During Today’s 30 minute Run…6.22.12

Normally I run for 45 minutes on a Friday but I have a hot date with K, D and my seester tonight.  We’re gonna see “Brave” and have dinner.  My seester leaves for home tomorrow and D is flying out to spend 2 weeks with my aunt.  Say what?  K and I are going to be child-free for 2 whole weeks?  What ever will we do?!


Here are the random thoughts inspired by today’s run:

  • Holy bright yellow and red tie dye shirt, dude!! “I run if zombies are chasing me.”  (back of his shirt.)  Interesting…
  • Is that lady conducting business while she rides the bike?  She’s got her papers and hi-lighter and cell phone glued to her ear.  Whatever it takes..
  • That guy is looking at me funny.  I wonder if he saw my blog last night.  This is awkward. I feel naked.
  • Seriously, Jac..that dude did not see your blog..paranoid, much?
  • I have so much to do tonight…I hope I get enough rest I can go on my 10 mile run tomorrow.
  • I wonder what K and I should do our first night of kidless freedom?!  I should get some homework done before we do anything so I don’t leave it all for Sunday.
  • I can’t wait to see Brave…I love the voice of the main character.  And I’m all about girl power.
  • Mad props to that guy right there!!!  Was totally in  my way, he acknowledged it and apologized.  I’d hug ya, dude, if I wasn’t running and sweating.
  • It’s nice that the gym put up some longer barriers to indicate to these morons that they shouldn’t walk on the track.
  • Oh…the moron I always come face-to-face with is here.  And naturally, he’s walking in my direction at a snails pace, him going in the wrong direction.  One day, moron dude, you and I will have words.
  • I think it’s interesting how empty the gym is on a Friday night.  Teenagers can’t get their workout on on a Friday?
  • 1..2..3..4…5…5 dudes texting instead of lifting.  Maybe they’re setting up their hookups for tonight..I bet that’s it.
  • Maybe I should push this to 45 minutes..what’s another 15 minutes?
  • Okay..did you forget that you have so much you need to do tonight. Let’s get to a 5k and be done.

Ran 3.21 miles in 32:52 minutes.

Are you going to see Brave this weekend?

What should K and I do on our first night of freedom from the kids?

What plans do you have this weekend?