Random Thoughts (or not) During Today’s 45 minute Run…6.1.12

Welcome to June.  June is one of my favorite months.  K and I celebrate our birthday’s this month!!

I was up early to take my parents and J to the airport.  I made the decision I would swing by the gym after I dropped them off so I can get my run on.  I didn’t realize I was going to accompany them in to the airport but we decided I should since J had his XBox in his carry-on and we weren’t sure it’d get through.  (You never know with TSA!!)

I got some interesting looks while walking through the airport. But I kept my head high.  I think my Coach purse completes the outfit, don’t you?  Oh, and you can’t see it, but I’m wearing sandals (because I only wear my running shoes to run).

I was at the gym around 9 am and running laps around the indoor track in no time.  Here are the random thoughts from today:

  • Grandma is sporting a tattoo’d arm band of a dragon.  Ha ha!  That’s awesome.  Rock on, Grandma!!!
  • You’re walking in the wrong direction on the running track so yes, I’m eyeballing you because I’ve almost run in to you twice now!!
  • People wear some interesting stuff to the gym to work out in.  That chick is wearing jeans and that dude is wearing a hand knit beanie in some ugly orange/yellow color.  SMH!
  • There are a lot less muscle dudes at the gym at 9 am on a Friday.  Too bad I can’t have this as my normal running time.  😦
  • I’ll be done with my run before my son’s flight even leaves the airport.
  • I know I said I didn’t like the RnR San Diego race last year but I’m really wishing I was running it this weekend.  A race sounds like the perfect thing to cheer me up right now.
  • It might be my imagination but it’s cooler in here, I wonder if it’s because there’s no one on the basketball courts.
  • That girl is going to hurt herself doing push-ups like that!  Ass down, ass down!!!

Ran 4.26 miles in 45:04 minutes.  My pace is definitely getting faster and I credit that to the strength training classes I’m doing.

Today was a run that I needed to clear my head and mostly focused on the music in my ears. I really tried not to think a whole lot.  I kept it together when I said goodbye to my son at the airport because I think he needed me to.  As soon as I finished  my run, I broke down in the locker room.

K just went upstairs to take a shower and text me this photo:

That’s D laying on J’s bed watching the iPad.  She’s been crying on and off all morning.  😦

Think we need to go find something to distract ourselves with.

What’s the craziest outfit you’ve ever seen on someone at the airport?

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen someone wear while working out at the gym?

 How many miles did you run today?


6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts (or not) During Today’s 45 minute Run…6.1.12

  1. Kailey says:

    I love when the meat heads aren’t at the gym – I feel less self concious 🙂
    I run 11.65 miles – weather was so beautiful for once.

  2. Meat heads…he he he. They only bother me because they get in my way on the track. Grrr!!!

    11 miles – awesome!!! I’m thinking of doing 8 this weekend but I’m not quite convinced. 🙂

  3. Pet peeve with workout gear is those short short grey flannel shorts that some men wear…so dreadful!!!

  4. My pet peeve is people going the wrong way on the track!!! The weird thing is it’s usually runners who do it at our gum. One day a couple was racing each other on the track the wrong way. One person I could handle (annoying still!), but the two of them were over the top being stupid. Some things I know I mess up as a new runner too, but it seems obvious when six people are going the same way, go with the flow — that is if you aren’t into reading clearly posted signs. Ok, rant over. I feel better now.

    And I can’t imagine saying goodbye to your son. So sad! I want to cry for you guys!

  5. That couple was incredibly stupid! They could really hurt someone. Ugh. That ticks me off!!!

    Awe, thanks It was a rough day yesterday. Hoping for a better day today!

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