Random Thoughts During Today’s 6.2 mile Run…6.2.12

Ha ha ha.  I just realized I ran 6.2 miles on 6-2!  Glad I didn’t quit at the 1 hour mark or I wouldn’t have had that little 6.2 & 6-2 thing to amuse me.

I wasn’t going to do my long run today because I was feeling so emotionally drained after yesterday.  I also drank some beer from San Tan Brewing Co. and that can affect my performance.  Late last night I got a HUGE surprise and decided if I didn’t do my long run Saturday morning, it wasn’t going to happen at all this weekend.  (More on the huge surprise later!!)  I didn’t sleep well last night so getting up at 5 am to run before the sun beat down on me wasn’t going to happen.  This all translates to a long run on a 1/10th of a mile indoor running track and the mind numbing, random thoughts are as follows:

  • 8:18 am at the gym and it’s pretty empty in here.
  • I’m not feeling this today…feels like every step I take requires huge effort..ugh..why did I say I’d run 90 minutes?
  • That can’t be comfortable having your underwear dig in to your butt like that, lady!  And it’s uncomfortable that I have to look at that.  Gross.
  • I can’t imagine wearing a hijab while working out. I wonder if she has a sweat band under there.  God bless her, it’s hot enough working out but keeping your entire head wrapped in the process is incredible.
  • It can’t be safe for those girls to be working out in flip flops!  It would be nice, however, if they wore shorts that appropriately covered their behinds!
  • That’s hilarious, that dude hears me coming up behind him again and he breaks out in to a full sprint.  Never mind I’ve already been on this track for 30 minutes and you just got here!  Sheesh.
  • I’ll cut my work out to 60 minutes instead, I really don’t want to do 90 minutes.  Does that make me a DNF??
  • Yes, please, take your sweet time crossing the race track.  When I’m done with this, I’ll come stand in front of your machines so I can get in the way of you and your workout, seems fair, doesn’t it?  People are so rude!
  • I am so excited about today!
  • I need a new bathing suit top.
  • I need shorts, the pair I have has a hole in it.
  • I really should not have drank all that beer last night.
  • I wonder if it’s inappropriate to call J and tell him I’d like a phone call every day?
  • Alright, 60 minutes are done but I’m not quite to 6.2 miles. I can do 6.2 miles..c’mon, get your butt in gear.
  • I don’t understand why people like to stand and look down on to the basketball courts.  For one, they’re blocking the jogging lane and for two, is it that interesting??
  • I really miss running outside but there’s no way I could 6.2 miles out there today, just running past the windows nearly causes me a heat stroke. (It’s already 95* at 10 am!!!)
  • 6.2 done.  DONE!  Now you can stop staring at me as I run past your bike, creepo!

I ran 6.2 miles in 1:06:56.  I just recovered with my favorite, Fage with cherries – yum-o-licious.  I have a lot to do today but first I need to run to Kohl’s and see about a bathing suit top and a pair of shorts.  I’ll share with you tomorrow about the huge surprise I got last night!!  For now, I’ll leave you with this – I am blessed beyond compare!

What’s the temperature high where you are today?

Did you run today?  

What’s your favorite kind of beer?


6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts During Today’s 6.2 mile Run…6.2.12

  1. Give me a cider over beer anyday 🙂

  2. That’s hilarious, that dude hears me coming up behind him again and he breaks out in to a full sprint. Never mind I’ve already been on this track for 30 minutes and you just got here! Sheesh.
    –Love this. I’ve thought this before too. My favorite part is when the “speedy” guys (who start before me) also finish before me. Suckaaas.

    I didn’t run today; I cross trained instead 🙂 I did the elliptical and if you’re looking for a cross training idea, feel free to check out my post- i wrote down my whole workout!

    • Oh yes, he finished before me too. I wanted to tell him, “It’s okay if I run faster than you, clearly you can bench press more than me.” Or maybe he did all that bench pressing just for me?

      I’ll check it out. I would like to know how to use some of the machines (except the treadmill) at the gym!

  3. runfundone says:

    People do weird stuff at the gym! I keep having this problem with singers. Meaning, people singing LOUDLY while working out. I love singing I really do, but I just can’t imagine thinking it was appropriate to belt it out when people are trying to focus on their workout!

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