Weekend Situation – Friday Night’s Surprise Revealed!!

When I last left you Saturday, I had teased about a huge surprise I received Friday night.  I’m ready to reveal what the surprise was.

As you may recall, J moved to Ohio Friday and D and I were having an emotional day. I think K likened it being on a roller coaster.  It was about 9 pm Friday and I was already in bed, sipping a beer and ready to just sleep the night away.  Then I got a text.  I had received a few texts and emails during the day from my wonderful friends checking in on me, it meant so much to me to be so cared about.

Do you have a friend that you’ve moved away from but no matter how many miles between you and no matter how many years pass, if that friend called you up and needed you – no questions asked, you’d be there?  That is my friend C.  She was texting me to let me know she and 3 of her children were in Phoenix and she wanted to see me.  I was in utter disbelief.  She invited me, D and K to join them at the resort and have fun at the resort’s water park!  I really can’t remember a whole lot of what she said on the phone because I was sobbing.  It meant so much to me that she was here, in town, to see me, because she thought I would need some extra TLC right now!!!

Saturday afternoon for D and I started with a meeting with M.  I already had plans with M and didn’t want to cancel so met for coffee!  I really have the bestest friends!

(Again, we don’t keep D around for her picture taking abilities!)

After catching up with M, D and I went to C’s resort (K decided not to join us so C and I could have a chance to catch up).  I haven’t seen C in about 16 months but it was like old times, except there were more kids and “new” kids in the mix.  (C and I use to live in the same city over 12 years ago and we were nearly inseparable.  At the time, she had two kids and I only had J.)

Upon arrival, we went for dinner and then spent two hours at the water park.  The kids were all getting along really well (which is really important)!

See the young lad?  He, his sister, and  J use to play together all the time when C and I would hang out.  I’ll call him “J2” for this blog.

Would you believe that “Back to the Future Part 2” had these girls so captivated?

We were back at the water park around 10:30 Sunday morning!  We loved the lazy river!

D and J2 loved the huge slides!

(I did test these out the night before but they aren’t worth the massive wedgie!!)

J2 taking on the left slide!

D taking on the right slide.


Grown up slushies for the mommies and Icee’s for the kiddies!

(C and A)

Enjoying the views!

After 6 hours at the park, we met K for dinner at Rustler’s Rooste!

It’s got great decor!

Rattlesnake appetizers (although I did not eat this)!

Amazing views of the city!

Camelback Mountain

But best of all…a slide for all ages!

We ate so much food!

After the excellent company, a private magic show performed at our table, lots of food, fun slide, and fab cotton candy, what more could you ask for?

 Apparently, a balloon animal in the shape of a fire breathing dragon…and a cowboy hat!

Dinner was the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend!!  (If you’re ever in Phoenix and looking for a unique experience I do recommend Rustler’s Rooste.  It is a pretty fun experience, if you can’t already tell from my photos.)

Goodbye hugs with C.

 I’m blessed beyond compare.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Situation – Friday Night’s Surprise Revealed!!

  1. sounds like a great weekend!

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