Random Thoughts During Tonight’s Speed Training Run..6.4.12

After the fabulous weekend I had, I was too tired lazy to pack my gym clothes before heading to work this morning.  This meant I wouldn’t make the 4:30 ab class. I debated with myself if I’d do my Pilates for Dummies or Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD but then my seester called and said she was coming over.  I use to love my workout DVD’s but now I find them painfully boring and I look for any justification excuse not to do them!

As I lazily chatted with my sister – half watching Four Weddings – I started to feel guilty for not doing my workout.  After some negotiating with me, myself and I, we decided I would do the normally scheduled for Wednesday speed training session tonight.  After all, K’s birthday is Wednesday and I think he’d rather we go out to dinner!

So, 6:30 pm, 104* outside, I donned my running gear and headed out for my 26 minute speed training run.  I definitely encountered a few random thoughts to share with you:

  • OMG!  The sprinklers are on!!!  I’ve missed my fun friends!!…Must..run..faster..to..get..there!
  • Damn it is hot out here!!!  Only a moron would run in this kind of heat.  Oh…wait!
  • At least the sun is a little further down so there’s at least a little shade, not that the shade does much to help but it’s better than having the sun burning holes in my skin!
  • Damnit, Garmin, stop beeping at me that your memory is low. I can’t do much about that out here, now can I?
  • I really wish I could sustain running in this heat because it’s so much nicer to run outside than inside..
  • Why am I holding my spit in? I’m outside.. I am free to spit away!!!
  • It’s only been a couple of weeks of running indoors and I’m already having massive separation anxiety from running outdoors.  This is going to be a long summer.
  • Running through the sprinklers never felt so good.
  • I’m starting to think my iPod is trying to tell me that Brass Monkey is my power song.  I definitely feel like my mood improves when the song comes on.  My iPod must know something I don’t!
  • Eww…I just missed stepping in dog poop!
  • Who lets their dog poop on a sidewalk?
  • You might have a running problem when you are running in 104* and are still trying to beat last week’s speed running mileage.  For crying out loud…I may need to have my head examined.
  • Yes, lady pushing the stroller – I’m running back and forth on this small stretch of sidewalk to increase my mileage.  Don’t judge!

I ran 2.21 miles in 26:32 minutes.

Hi, my name is Jac, and I’m addicted to watching my mileage increase week-to-week!

Do you get a “high” watching your mileage increase week to week?

What’s the temperature where you are today?

What is your ideal temperature for running?


6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts During Tonight’s Speed Training Run..6.4.12

  1. narnaboo says:

    I didn’t realize that I was going through withdrawal from running outside until my run yesterday morning. Getting out at 5:30am made the world of difference… I now refuse to go back on that treadmill! But it means I have to consistently get up at 5:30am…. ugh!! Not so easy for me!! I am hoping the 80* temps at that time will help keep me motivated! 😀

    • One thing I noticed last year, when I trained in this heat, is that when it cooled off, my performance was so much better. Because I had to use so much energy to do my runs that when I didn’t have to battle the heat, my body was already use to using the energy but could just redirect it elsewhere. So there is a “plus” on that side! But I definitely say pay attention to what your body is saying when you run in this heat, take plenty of water, and don’t be afraid to take it at a slower pace!

  2. Ah the temperature…I don’t know how you run in the evening here 🙂 good news is you sweat more…make sure you hydrate well.

    Especially since you spit so much 😉

  3. K says:

    LOVE spending time with you!! Thanks for pushing back your run time to visit with me!! xoxoxo

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