Birthday, Puke and Running…Oh My!!!

Today is my husband’s, K, birthday!!  Happy Birthday, babe!! I love you!!!

Too bad the day started at 12:30 am with a puking D!!

Doctor said she thinks it’s just a stomach virus and they gave D a shot to help stop the puking and knock her out so she could get some sleep.

(Look how clever K is, he used Bruce (the shark from Nemo) to support the iPad!!)

With D being sick on K’s birthday, our dinner plans to go to The Keg were out the window.  (Insert huge, pouty, sad K face here, I won’t make him pose for that kind of a picture because his birthday is already pukey sucky enough as it is without me torturing him for a picture!)  I did the next best thing – picked up Olive Garden To-Go!

I like how they set up the salad and didn’t add the dressing to the lettuce. I tend to eat my salad sans dressing!

If you’re a blogger and a runner, a running blogger, you run while you blog, you blog while you run, then you probably know today is National Running Day.  If you’re not a blogger or a runner…then..guess what!!  Today is National Running Day!!  I did my 1 mile run tonight but not because it’s National Running Day but because I’m still going strong in the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak challenge!

As a result of running every day for the past 9 days (I normally take at least 1 day off in between runs) I’m noticing more tightness in my legs.  So I need to do more stretching.

I love this thing for stretching my calf muscles.  Takes the soreness out of my feet when I get a good stretch on this baby!

I feel bad that today is K’s birthday and we’re stuck at home and worrying about a poorly D.  I still haven’t figured out what to get him as a birthday gift…I know, I know, I know – it’s the “day of” and I’m still figuring it out.

What did you do to celebrate National Running Day today?

Do you have any birthday gift suggestions I can use for K?  

What clever items do you use to prop up your iPad?


7 thoughts on “Birthday, Puke and Running…Oh My!!!

  1. That’s a cool calf stretcher! Sorry you have a sick house. No fun on birthdays especially! My husband would want anything motorcycle related for his b-day.

    We don’t have an iPad, but we regularly use shoes to prop up the iPods in the car for watching movies. My kids will probably all be blind by age 10 from squinting.

  2. My husband would love to have a motorcycle but…I haven’t given the green light.. 🙂

    I don’t think we’ve used shoes to prop up iPods but that is smart. The iPad actually belongs to K but he lets D use it all the time. D and I just had eye exams and the doctor told me a lot of people are sticking to eye glasses now because of the constant Smart Phone use. I’m guilty of that, myself!

  3. kc says:

    Love you seester!

  4. Bean says:

    I have always wondered about those calf stretchers. So they work pretty well?

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