A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline!!!

D being sick yesterday threw my week off and so I thought today was Wednesday when I left for work.  I picked up my Wednesday paper from the front rocks (we don’t have “lawns” here in my neighborhood) and flipped through the ads (as I do most Wednesday’s).  Low and behold, Happy “Wednesday” to me!!

Will definitely have to swing by the store this weekend to pick up a bottle, or two!   Happy Birthday to me and K!!!

I eased in to my actual Thursday with some nice Jasmine Green tea.

I like watching the little rolled balls of tea burst open in the hot water!

I’m easily amused…sometimes.

Let’s talk goals!

Last week’s goals:

  1. Track my food.  I did better than I’ve done in awhile. I tracked all day Monday, Tuesday and today. I tracked Wednesday morning.  Baby steps.
  2. No alcohol on a work night.  To be honest, I found some loop holes in this “goal”.  I had 2 beers Sunday afternoon because it wasn’t “technically” night time.  I also had 2 glasses of wine yesterday, because, again, it wasn’t technically night time yet.  All in all, I think I was successful in this goal!
  3. Continue RW’s Summer Run Streak.  I so totally succeeded at this goal!  I logged 17.24 miles last week.  I ran every single day for at least 1 mile a day.

Tonight was my Weight Watcher’s meeting which subsequently means “weigh in night”.  For some reason I didn’t expect to see a loss on the scale.  My stress level was high this week with J moving out of state and D being sick.  My activity level has increased and for whatever reason, I tend to gain weight when I increase my activity.  (I can’t quite figure that one out.)  I decided I would go ahead and face the scale at WW’s but I wasn’t convinced I would stay for the meeting.

I’m SO glad I decided to stay for the meeting because I felt motivated and renewed while I listened to the lesson.  The meeting was all about goals!  Our leader, whom I adore and love, challenged us to set a June goal.  I knew immediately what my June goal needed to be:

  • TRACK MY FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seems simple enough, doesn’t it?  Except, it’s not simple for me so that’s why it’s a great goal.  Starting today with a deadline date of July 7th, I want to track my food every single day.  Now I need to figure out something to reward myself with when I meet this goal!

On to a smaller scale of goals..next week’s goals:

  1. Track my food.  Gotta take it week by week, right?
  2. No alcohol on a work night.  Just so you’re aware, my birthday is Sunday and I’m not working Monday so..Sunday is an allowable drinking evening! 🙂
  3. Keep on running!!  I’m really in to this Runner’s World Summer Running Streak challenge.  It’s not easy every day to get that mile in but I am enjoying the challenge of doing it!!

My WW’s leader left us with this closing message today..

So true!

Phew…sounds like I have a busy week ahead of me.  Now I’m sipping on this drink in hopes it keeps me healthy from whatever stomach virus D had.

What should I reward myself with if I meet my June goal?

What are your summer goals?

When’s your birthday?


8 thoughts on “A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline!!!

  1. Patron = best tequila ever! Yum!
    My birthday is in Feb. I’ve got a ways to go…thankfully! ; )

  2. Bean says:

    Hey I recognize that tequila ad. Do you live in the Phoenix or Tucson area? Tracking food is so hard. That was one of my goals this week and it was a total bomb. I did it for two whole days. Oh well everyday is a new day to try again I guess.:)

  3. I’m in the PHX area!
    I agree about tracking food. It’s really, really hard!. I’m approaching tracking my food this month like I approach training for a half marathon. Just gonna get in there and do it, no matter how hard it is because in the end..there’s some sort of bling in my future..

  4. congrats on meeting your goals! celebrate with froyo, that’s always my fav!

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