Early Start to the Birthday Celebrating and Some Random Thoughts While Running!

Happy Friday!!!

I started the day with a new Jasmine Green tea I picked up at grocery store last night.

Although it doesn’t have any added ingredients (other than what should be in Jasmine Green tea), it still didn’t have the powerful Jasmine Green tea flavor I prefer.  My quest to find the best Jasmine Green tea continues..

My boss took me out to lunch to celebrate my birthday and we decided to go to Pita Jungle.  Before we left for the restaurant, I reviewed the menu and nutrition guide to calculate point values for Weight Watchers.  I decided on the Yellowfin Tuna Honey Sesame Salad, with the dressing on the side.  While we waited to order, I really struggled to stick to my choice.  The Chicken Pasta Salad my husband normally orders sounded so tasty!  But I held to my predetermined choice because I had already worked out the points value before we arrived.  It came out to be about 6 points on WW and this salad was loaded with protein and was very tasty!!!

This was the birthday present from my boss!

What should I get with the gift cards?  Naturally I think of something running related.  Perhaps one of these?  Or these?  Or this? So many options..

On the way home from work I stopped by the gym for my regularly scheduled Friday night 45 minute run.  Ready for me to share some of my random thoughts with you?  Okay…let’s do this then!

  • This Pretty Girl sure is spending a lot of time checking out her reflection in the window!
  • I’ve run 12 days in a row now because of the Runner’s World challenge..I’ve never run this many days consecutively!
  • I am feeling really sluggish today.  I ate pretty clean today…wonder what my issue is..
  • I should have worn my heart rate monitor today, I feel like my heart is going to explode out of my chest..strange..
  • So now the Pretty Girl has stopped her little stroll on the running track to stand and gawk at her reflection in the window and play with her pony tail.. but has definitely positioned herself to keep an eye on the guys at the other end of the hall..interesting.
  • LOL I have never seen someone run like Jan Brady!!  Wow!!!!  (I seriously laughed out loud!)  Pretty Girl does not know how to run and if she’s trying to run to get the attention of those boys-running like a doofus is definitely one way to do it!
  • Seriously?!  Pretty Girl, now you’ve stopped 50 feet away from these boys to “roll your ankle”.  Oh for crying out loud..if they haven’t noticed you yet, they’re not going to.
  • When will this run session end?
  • Running on a track that goes round and round and round and round is really mind numbing.

I ran 4:14 miles in 45:31 minutes.  There were definitely a few minutes in there that I completely zoned out and let my mind go blank, just concentrating on controlling my breathing and willing myself to keep running – there were a few times I really wanted to quit. Mind over matter, right?

What runner’s gear do you think I should get with my gift cards?

Do you normally have rest days between your run days?

What are your plans this Friday night?


6 thoughts on “Early Start to the Birthday Celebrating and Some Random Thoughts While Running!

  1. Bean says:

    The rolling sticks are pretty awesome, especially for calves. I am obsessed with mine. I would go for that but I am also a huge fan of visors. Tricky, very tricky. Happy Birthday!

  2. I love Amazon, seriously I consider them one of my best friends. They always deliver fun stuff to me. I just spent my gift card on The Stick and love it. It works wonders on my calves. I also could not run without my hat. Tough decisions. I love your random thoughts. I’m the same way.

  3. kc says:

    Way to go seester must have been a challenge keeping up with these post with a sick baby! Love you!!

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