Random Thoughts Without Losing my Mind!!!

I wanted to run 90 minutes last Saturday but pooped out after a little over an hour.  So this week I really tried to psych myself up and do this!!!  Mind over matter, right?  We’ll see..  Here are some of the random thoughts I had during today’s run..

  • So yesterday we had young Pretty Girl and today we have Middle Aged Girl that is trying to seek attention, Lord help us all!
  • I gotta zone out, I can’t think about every single minute I’m on this track or I’m gonna quit before 90 minutes.
  • Yes, dude, please stand in the middle of the running track to watch soccer on the TV.  This is a gym. How about you plant your butt there on one of those bikes and do some exercise while you stare at the tube?!
  • Wonder what they’re shouting about down there on the basketball courts..
  • I appreciate that they change the direction of traffic on the track every other day but damn…when we go in this direction we get a good strong whiff of the people on the bikes..  YUCK!!!!
  • How many times do I have to weave around you on the left before you figure out you’re in my way???  Apparently, these past 5 times isn’t hint enough..so frustrating.
  • Middle Aged Girl, you’re going to throw your hip out strutting like that..and in case you haven’t noticed, the guys lifting weights are not paying attention to you!  Now move out of my way!
  • My pace here on the track is pretty decent but it’ll be interesting to see how that carries over to my next half marathon.
  • I think my legs are tiring and slowing because I haven’t had any rest days.  I bet I’m gonna kill it in July when I get a rest day!
  • I’m gonna need to pick up my pace if I want to reach my goal of 8 miles today.
  • Thanks Eminem for the angry motivation.  Get angry..get my legs moving…kill this track!!!
  • Ah ha!!!! I have totally figured out what to get K for his birthday, only 3 days later.  Why didn’t I think of this earlier?
  • Not trying to rush my weekend but I’m really excited to register for Tinker Bell on Tuesday!!!!!
  • I hope my friend ran today.
  • It’s a good thing I’m sticking to 90 minutes, we have a lot of birthday celebrating to do this weekend.

I ran 8 miles in 1:30:22.  I had to force myself to zone out quite a few times so I wouldn’t focus on the fact that I was running 90 minutes on a track only 1/10th of a mile around.  I’m excited I didn’t lose my mind because I really thought I might!!

I’ve refueled with my favorite Fage with cherries and am on my way to drink a kombucha tea!!!  Hope you are having a great Saturday!!!

How many miles did you run today?

Do you use “angry” music (like Eminem) to motivate you when you run?

What’s on the menu for dinner tonight?


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Without Losing my Mind!!!

  1. Happy birthday!!! I love reading your random thoughts, they’re so funny. I ran 11 miles, 1:46:25, on the treadmill. It was crazy windy outside with gust of 36 mph. It wasn’t too bad. I watched several cake decorating videos. I love listening to Eminem during my runs. I actually listen to him quite often. Tonight’s dinner will be fish tacos. I’ve never made fish tacos, so hopefully they don’t turn out awful.

    • I love fish tacos. I actually make a pretty bomb shrimp taco!!!

      Thank you for the birthday wishes and thank you for reading my blog. 🙂

      “No Love” by Eminem was the song on my iPod when I crossed my first half marathon finish line. I don’t know what it is about his music that makes me dig deep and keep going! But it works!! 🙂

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