Birthday Celebrating Part 2!

K and I took our birthday celebrating to San Tan Brewing Co. because we love that place!!!

K ordered a “guest” beer and the description on the menu said you had to sniff it like a wine snob (seriously, it said that)!!

I took a sip but I didn’t sniff – I’m a rebel like that.

I stuck to my tried and true HopShock I.P.A.!

We hung out for a couple of hours – eventually ordering dinner!

OMG! I am in love with their Pork Enchiladas!!!!!  Yum!!!!

In between beer drinking and enchilada chowing, I took a whole bunch of goofy pictures including this one of me stealing K’s hat!

Then this one of K’s super long eyelashes – I’m happy to report his daughter inherited his eyelashes so she’s not stuck with my short and stinky eyelashes!

Eventually we went home and boy was it quiet!!!  D was out with my sister and you  know J doesn’t live here any more.  I’m not sure I liked the house being that quiet.  I tried to enjoy it but..I sure did miss my babies.

K and I watched a movie and then I broke in to the cupcakes!

Sprinkles was so nice and put a Happy Birthday sticker on my box!!!!

I woke up this morning and put a big pouty lip on my face because it’s not my birthday any more so I can’t run around saying, “It’s my birthday, bitches!!!”  Oh well…there’s always next year!


4 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrating Part 2!

  1. Bean says:

    Sounds like a great day! Those cupcakes look fantastic! Must obtain cupcake.

  2. When you’re up in PHX again, you’ll have to swing by Sprinkles and try out their cupcakes – they really are fabulous.

  3. Looks like a great day. Birthdays are too short. We like to celebrate birthdays for at least a weekend. It’s awesome to have a weekend all about you.

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