Believing in Myself and Setting Next Week’s Goals!

I just ate a bowl of leftover pasta with the pasta sauce I picked up last night.  The sauce tasted better tonight than it did last night! YUMMY!!!!!!

Prior to scarfing down eating my dinner, I went to my Weight Watchers meeting and then returned home to get my 1 mile run in!   The most torturous thing about my WW meetings is that I don’t eat dinner before I go and then we spend half an hour talking about food!!!!  Killing me!!!!  I do have some great news to report from my WW meeting:

I lost the 2 pounds I gained the previous two weeks!!!!

I had no doubt I would but it seems my leader was a little worried.  This is why I wasn’t worried:

  • I knew what I needed to do to get myself under control!
  • I didn’t feel discouraged about the weight gain – I knew stress, lack of paying attention to my food, and increased activity was playing a role.
  • I knew what I needed to do to get myself under control!

Yes, I realize the first and last points were repeated but I think they were the most important!

So, let’s review last week’s goals:

  1. Track my food.  Out of 21 meals, I tracked 17 of them!  I would call that “success”!
  2. No alcohol on a work night.  That would have been last Thursday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  The only night I had alcohol was Tuesday and that was because I ran at 9 pm and around 11 pm, I thought it might help me sleep!  (I was wrong, by the way, it didn’t help me sleep!)
  3. Keep on running.  Oh boy did I run last week. I logged 17.96 miles!!  I have maintained my stance in the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak Challenge and that has been no easy feat!  I’m pretty proud that I’ve hung in there and am still going strong!

What do I want to work on next week?

  1. Track my food!  Obviously I see success when I track so I’m gonna keep working on this.  After all, tracking my food is my overall June goal!
  2. Don’t stress about school!!!  Oh!  I didn’t tell you?  I started back to school Tuesday night.  In the past I have been known to absolutely freak out about school while I obsess and strive to earn 100%.  I still want to do well in school, I absolutely believe you only get out of it what you put in to it – but I don’t want to stress and obsess.  I have an action plan for attacking my homework so I think that will help keep my emotions under control!  
  3. Run 9 miles this Saturday or Sunday.  Normally I don’t have any problems getting my runs in – I love my run time.  But I want to start increasing my mileage as I move closer to the Disneyland half marathon weekend.  In the past, I have done one 10 mile run 2 weeks before a half marathon.  To prepare for this half marathon, I want to do one long run of 13 miles but I want to build up to that over the next few weeks.  It’s really hard to increase mileage training over the summer while living in a part of the country that doesn’t dip below 100*!  But I’m determined (also known as stubborn)!!!
I certainly seem to have enough going on to keep myself busy!  I’m really feeling good right now and I’m super proud of myself for dumping those two pounds this past week.  It feels good to believe in myself and my abilities and then have that sense of pride when I accomplish the goals I set for myself.  Talking positively to myself, people, and putting verbs in my sentences – that’s what it’s all about!!!
What did you accomplish this past week that you are most proud of?
What is the longest “long run” you do training for a half marathon?
Do you find it easier to keep your food choices under control during the summer or winter?

6 thoughts on “Believing in Myself and Setting Next Week’s Goals!

  1. Yay, so exciting that you are going back to school. I always, always stressed about school, so I wonder if I would be less stressed now. It seems like you might be because of all your mom experiences. It puts stress into perspective.

    • I finished my associate’s 2 years ago and it nearly made me a crazy person. ha ha ha!!! I’d like to get this degree finished but maintain my sanity in the process. So we’ll see what happens. I wasn’t running when I was working on my associates so maybe running is the key!

  2. Bean says:

    Sounds like some great goals! The longest long run I normally do for a half is 10 miles but my goal this summer is to up my long runs. So far it is going okay. I think it is easier to eat healthier in the summer since there is more fruit to cram down my pie hole.

    • Same here, 10 miles would be my longest “long” run for previous half’s.

      I love fruit!! I inhaled half a bag of rainier cherries the other afternoon while I cooked dinner. I find that I’m less hungry in the summer, as well. But living here in the desert, it is a lot harder to stay active.

  3. Amy says:

    Great job on your weight loss! I’m also trying to give up drinking during the week, and it is making a difference, but I’m still not happy about it!

    Good luck with your training for the Disneyland half (jealous that you are running 2 Disney events this year!). I’ll say Hi to Arizona for you come January!

    • I’m definitely not happy about it but I do sleep better without alcohol. Go figure!

      I read your AZ race/weekend recap yesterday. Four Peaks Brewery is tasty (you actually liked my favorite beer there), as is Oregano’s – yum! My favorite part of the race last year was running through Papago, it was so pretty!! I’m really going to be sad missing out on AZ’s race in 2013. 😦

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