Random Thoughts During Today’s 45 minute Run 6.15.12

After Wednesday’s scary run on the indoor track at the gym, I sent the gym a rather long email expressing my concerns.

Does it surprise anyone that there has been no response from the gym?

As I walked in to the gym today, I braced myself for another scary run on the track and/or possibly new signs warning people to be more cautious.  Alas, there were no new signs but the gym was practically empty. I suppose “happy hour” is more important than working out on a Friday and so I began my run and let the thoughts just flow:

  • Yes!!  Jan Brady/Pretty Girl from last week is back!!  Still running like a doofus!!  Awesome!!!  Thanks for starting my run with a giggle, goofy girl!
  • Sometimes I feel like my iPod and I are in sync..angry hate music seems to be on today’s playlist agenda!
  • Ya’ll want a single say “f” that..F that…F that…Whoops…did I just sing those lyrics right out loud??
  • Why can’t every day at the gym be like Friday? I love that nobody is here!
  • Spoke too soon, the stupid kid that I come face-to-face with every single day is here and walking towards me.  Does he live here?  What’s his deal?
  • Jan Brady keeps disappearing…she flies around me flailing her arms about and then she disappears.  Where does she go??
  • I can’t figure out what it so fascinating about watching the kids on the basketball court but these dudes will spend quite a long time staring down from above at them.
  • Thank you iPod, we’ve had Korn, Linkin Park, Eminem, and Papa Roach belt out some angry lyrics in my ears this run.  Those boys have really motivated me to move my legs..feelin’ good!!!!
  • WTF?!?!  I thought I sync’d up my iTunes.  Why the hell is BEP starting up…must skip song immediately…gotta keep the momentum going!!
  • That’s interesting…you’ve spent the past 20 minutes in the corner talking on the phone and now you’re gonna try to out run me here on the track…You in your nylon pants, AE shirt, and normal shoes..Okay..well, now you’ve sprinted out to pass me but you’re only staying about 2 feet in front of me….I’m ready to pass you…ROAD KILL…not only did I just pass you but I’m pulling away from you with ease..what’s that?  You’re trying to quicken your pace..I can hear you behind me dude…Your breathing is out of control…I think the dude back there is trying to pass me again…good thing I’m coming up on my walk break otherwise I think he might drop dead…okay, so now you’ve had a chance to pass me….OMG, that’s hilarious, you get 5 feet ahead of me and stop!!!  Oh goodness that was a great time..  Dude!!  Clearly you are not in any shape to be running…but it was a nice attempt to try and beat me.  Good times..thanks for the amusement.
  • Alright!!!  Cool dude waiting for his kid to finish her dance class wants to give me a high five as I run past him.  That’s awesome.  Thanks for that little pick-me-up in the last 5 minutes of my run, Cool Dude!!!!
  • Passing Cool Dude again and he’s giving me a thumbs up.  Making my day.  Awesome.  *big grin*
  • I started this run feeling angry but I’m finishing with a big smile on my face – thanks to the amusement from my Road Kill and the encouraging support from the Cool Dude stranger!  And let’s not forget the running Jan Brady!  Good times!!!

I ran 4.32 miles in 45:01!

What’s on your agenda for the weekend?

Are you like me and forgot that Father’s Day is Sunday?

When is your next race?


6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts During Today’s 45 minute Run 6.15.12

  1. I love the random thoughts track posts! Maybe because it proves that interesting things DO happen on indoor tracks. You just have to make note of them. And heck yes to the high fiver. I wish people were giving high fives on my track.

  2. Just found your blog via skinnyrunner…love it! You’re hilarious and I love the random thoughts that go through your head, lol. Looking forward to reading more!

  3. I’m glad I found your blog as well. You are a freaking riot. I’m glad you were able to run. I’m going to a wedding this weekend so my weekend is just full of long travel.

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