Random Thoughts During Today’s 9 mile Run…..Outside!! 6.16.12

Nothing has ever tasted so good than this Tri Berry Nuun on ice I’m drinking right now.  Wow.  Sometimes, after a long run, things don’t taste “normal” so I’m waiting for a few minutes before I dig in to my Fage with cherries but for now, the Nuun is hitting spot.  While I wait to attack my favoritest Fage, I’ll share my insanity with you!

  • For once it doesn’t seem like the weather people lied, it does feel like it’s pretty decent out here…in the 70’s – I’d have to agree.
  • Don’t forget…don’t go to the canal…don’t go to the canal…don’t go to the canal!
  • Son of a…..why didn’t I sync my iPod last night?!!  BEP’s are killing me!!!
  • Glad I remembered to wear my visor this time…that sun is a bit blinding in this spot.
  • I wonder if these people read my blog…they both have their sprinklers on as if to invite me to run through them…even though the water will just reach my calves…it would be rude of me not to partake in this lovely gift!
  • Holy shitake mushroom….WTH did I just trip on??  And how did my right leg come flying up along the side of me like that?!  Wowzas!
  • WTF, iPod?!?!  Yesterday we were in sync and today you’re running BEP’s every other song…must…press…skip..wish there was a “dislike” button so my iPod could get its act together!
  • Wow….someone is sauteing the hell out of some garlic!
  • Why was I worried this would be the Sheryl Crow version of Sweet Child O’ Mine?  I don’t think I have any Sheryl Crow songs and I hate how she ruined this song…why would I think I’d have it on my iPod…oh…probably because I cannot figure out how so many freakin’ BEP songs wound up on my playlist.
  • Jac…seriously…you gotta pay attention to the road in front of you..there are too many rocks and twigs and stuff and I don’t  need to be tripping again.
  • Holy goodness, dude. It’s 7 am and you’re already up for a wake and bake session?  Sheesh.  I might get a contact high just running past your backyard!
  • It’s a good thing I listened to myself and stayed on a route close to home…need to head back there for some water.  Can’t finish these last 3 miles without water…
  • I think the most important thing about learning to run in PHX is learning how to hydrate…well that’s a big fat “duh”.  Stop thinking, keep running.
  • Okay, now just go in the house and get water..don’t look at the couch, don’t think about how slow you feel…just get the water and get back outside…you are gonna finish these last 3 miles!
  • Wow, it feels cooler outside than it does inside..I should go back and wake up K and tell him to come out with me..ha ha ha!!
  • OMG, this is hard…  I think I jacked myself up when I tripped…my legs are really sore.
  • Thank you, iPod, for finally getting it together.  Limp Bizkit, Korn, Eminem, Matchbox Twenty, Sick Puppies…these are not songs I skip…BEP…those are songs I want to chuck you across the road and stomp the hell out of you..
  • Okay, Eminem, some of your earlier stuff is just not appropriate.  I really don’t want to hear some of this nasty stuff…  I’m so glad you’ve grown up over the years!
  • LIAR!!!!!  Nike+ app, I do not just have 400 meters to go!!!!!
  • How is that these shoes can feel so different on each of my feet?  Nice and secure on my right foot.  No support on my left. I am really going to need a new pair before the half marathon!
  • How is it that sometimes the Nike+ app is slower than my Garmin and sometimes it’s way ahead?  Killing me!
  • It’s okay to reduce to a 30 second run, 30 second walk strategy in this last mile….it’s a lot warmer and damn my legs are achy.  There is no shame in walking…there is only shame in quitting!  Walking is not quitting!

I ran 9.02 miles in 1:41:36.  Although the weather was pretty decent, I normally judge the temperature by how much water I go through. Today I drank 7 out of 8 bottles and used 1 bottle to pour on my head – that really helps a lot!!!

Before I leave you, I have to show you a project I worked on yesterday.  I have ZERO PhotoShop skills but I followed a tutorial and created this:

I was super excited about it (because it took me 3 times of going through the tutorial to finally get mine to look like theirs)!!

Got any fun plans for the weekend?


7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts During Today’s 9 mile Run…..Outside!! 6.16.12

  1. Bean says:

    Way to go with the 9 miles, that is awesome! I run on the same trail all the time because there are water fountains every mile to two miles and it is way necessary in the summer here.

  2. Nice job on the run! Go sync your iPod right now!

  3. Nice job on the run…now go sync your iPod! Right now.

  4. I love your honesty and your randomness. It’s amazing what goes through our heads during a single run, lol. Congrats on the 9-miler! :o)

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