2 Things Tuesday..

Happy Tuesday…even though I could have sworn all day today that it was Wednesday!  Alas, it’s just Tuesday.

I have 2 things to share this lovely, hot Tuesday!

  • A few weeks ago, before I started this blog, I went on and on about Chia seeds on my personal Facebook page and a friend recommended Hemp Hearts.  I found them on sale at Sprout’s yesterday for $5.99 and figured I would give them a go. I found this article on Livestrong.com.  I haven’t opened the bag yet but immediately after I finish blogging, I’m going to put the bag in the fridge!
  • My Daily Mile report in my email inbox yesterday gave me a thrill!  I’m glad to see so many of my friends posting workouts!  My friend ran one of those obstacle course races with a freakin’ mud pit at the finish.  She’s a rock star–I don’t think I could do one of those races!!  

D and I have been eating cherries these past two days like they’re going out of season – ha ha!  During my fitness class at the gym today, I started to feel hungry and decided right there in the middle of class I’d immediately go buy more cherries as soon as I released from my torture!  Hey..at least I was planning a healthy snack and not deciding I’d inhale a milkshake on the way home! 🙂

I ran 1 mile after my fitness class but oddly enough, I had no random thoughts. I don’t think there’s a whole lot of time to get in to the groove and zone out when I only do a mile.  Fear not…tomorrow is my speed training run so I will definitely have some thoughts to share after that adventure!!

Have you tried hemp hearts?  If so, how do you recommend eating them?  On yogurt? Toast?

Do you participate in the obstacle courses ending in a mud pit?  

How many miles did you run last week?


4 thoughts on “2 Things Tuesday..

  1. I haven’t tried Hemp Hearts but I put Chia seeds in my Shakeology shakes and in my Greek yogurt. I didn’t do the Warrior Dash but I did the Tough Mudder in the Poconos in PA. I ate it on the last hale bale going through the live wire…which was right at the finish, lol! And last week I ran 57 miles. I hope you got your cherries! :o) Looking forward to hearing your random thoughts today, lol. Oh, on Monday I thought it was Tuesday and I was uber bummed too. This week is dragging!

    • 57 miles!! Wow!!!!
      I did get cherries, almost 4 lbs worth, and by this afternoon, we finished all those off. May have to go back to Sprout’s and get some more before the sale ends tonight.
      I hear of a lot of people getting injured at these obstacle races. 😦 I think that’s one of the reasons I’m too scared to try one!

  2. I’ve never tried Hemp Hearts. I’m interested to know how they taste. I thought about doing an obstacle course, but I don’t know if I would like it. I really don’t like getting dirty and I’m afraid of heights. Last week, I ran 25 miles.

    • Congrats on the 25 miles!
      The hemp hearts tasted a little nutty. I likened them to the taste of almonds. I could see me putting them on ice cream or fro yo!
      The thing that turns me off the most about the obstacle course is the mud pit. After the girls go through the mud, they look naked and there’s a whole bunch of dudes standing around. I would feel so weird! And I don’t want to ruin my shoes!

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