Random Thoughts During Today’s Speed Training Run..6.20.12

Happy Wednesday!!

I tried the hemp hearts for the first time today. I found another article on them and thought it had some great information to share.  I eat peanut butter and Omega 3 seed toast (bread is from Fresh & Easy) for breakfast every morning.  I sprinkle the peanut butter with chia seeds but today I included the hemp hearts.

It was really tasty!  I didn’t taste the hemp hearts too much.  I did notice that it was much later in to the morning that I was finally ready for my mid-morning snack!  After lunch, I finished off what I had left of the serving of hemp hearts I brought (1 tablespoon) and I alternated between dipping my cherries in them or eating the hemp hearts straight up.  Either way, dipped, on toast or straight up, they were very tasty!!

This afternoon I stopped at the gym for my speed training run.  I really wasn’t feeling up to a run.  After all, I have run every single day for the past 23 days.  That’s quite a bit considering my normal run schedule is usually 3x a week.  I feel like I’m starting to burn out  but I committed to this challenge and I want to see it through.   With that said..let me share with you what I thought about during today’s speed training run:

  • I’m so glad D wants to learn Spanish..but when she’s a teenager, she might only speak to me in Spanish just to piss me off.  I might have to learn how to speak Spanish if she does.
  • Feels like I’ve been walking longer than 5 minutes for this warm-up..WTH!?  Stupid app…malfunctioned again!  Grrr!!
  • That’s right, runners, I’m running like a G6….vrrooooommmm!!!!!
  • Holy SH##!!!!  *Screamed out loud*  That moron’s fist just made contact with my throat!!!  WHO THE HELL swings their arms back like that?!?!
  • I can’t tell if my heart is pumping so hard from my run or from the near disaster with that guys fist??  Who the hell swings their arms back in a busy gym like that?!
  • OMG, you’ve got to be kidding me!!!  *Screamed out loud, again!*  2 dudes up in here swinging their arms back as if they’re the only people in the gym?!?  First my throat, now my boob!!!  Come to the gym, get the sh## beat out of you by arm swingers!
  • How do people not realize they’re in a gym full of people?  Who the hell would be swinging their arms all over the place without any concern for the people surrounding them?!
  • I’m so ticked off.  It’s more dangerous to run in this gym than it is to run in the bike lane, facing oncoming traffic, with the drivers behind the wheel text messaging. This is insane.  One week it’s slow moving walkers heading towards oncoming runners and next it’s arm swinging maniacs.  What’s next?
  • Seriously…why are dudes so threatened by a girl passing them?!  Dude..seriously, I’m working on speed today. I don’t run this fast when I do my regular longer runs.  I can tell that you’re clearly doing a long, consistent run.  You do not need to hurry your pace just because I’m going to pass you a couple of times.  Your manhood is still in tact if I pass you.  Geeze, Louise!
  • Someone needs to show that girl how to do push ups.  I think she’s going to hurt herself with her arms like that and her head hanging down between her shoulders like that.  That looks painful.  No wonder she looks so miserable.
  • I’m glad today is a short training session..

I ran 2.44 miles in 28:26 minutes.

Wednesday’s seem to be a really dangerous day to run at the gym on their indoor track.  D suggested I run on the treadmill.  I kinda have a goal to never run on a treadmill.  But after today’s punches to the throat and boob, I’m starting to reconsider this running indoors thing.  Thinking I might have better chances running in the 112* outdoors!

Have you ever been punched by a stranger at the gym?

Do you run on a treadmill?

What’s the hottest temperature you’ll run in?


12 thoughts on “Random Thoughts During Today’s Speed Training Run..6.20.12

  1. LOL you crack me up! My gym doesn’t have an indoor track so I tmill it while I am there. I don’t mind it to be honest. I put my headphones on and zone out. This chick next to me today was pounding her feet something fierce today which was annoying because I heard it over my music. She was a tiny little thing too! Congrats on continuing your running streak! Your toast concoction looks tasty…I may try it! The hottest temperature I’ll run in!?…I think one time last summer I went when it was in the low 90’s and this cop who was walking on the sidewalk said I shouldn’t be out in this heat, lol. It was miserable and I won’t do it again. I think anything past 80 is pushing it (for me personally) and I have to be uber motivated to run in that heat or else I tmill it (I really am a wuss in heat).

    • Don’t you feel tempted to lean over to people making running mistakes and correct them? Sometimes I feel like telling people, “Don’t pound so hard, lighter on your feet, drive your elbows back, get your gait analyzed” but I don’t…I just think it and later blog about it! ha ha ha!!!
      I don’t know what part of the country you live in but it’s not uncommon to see runners outside in this heat. What freaks me out is when I see runners out in this heat with no water. That’s insanity! Did you have water with you??

  2. OMG…first, congrats and keep it up on your running streak! Awesome…then, did you really just get beat up at the gym? Start shoving! And finally, I will take Spanish with you if you want…on my bucket list.

  3. Bean says:

    Way to keep up the streak! That is very impressive especially considering the pounding you take at the gym.

  4. Amy says:

    Haha…they gym can be a very dangerous place! I’ve never tried running on an indoor track, but I can imagine that it can quite the experience. This week we’ve been outside running in about 90 degrees. Not my favorite, but perhaps less dangerous than swinging maniacs?

    • I can do 90*. It’s when it gets over that I struggle more. I was thinking this AM for the summer I should do my speed work on Friday, when the gym is nearly empty, and my 45 minute run Wednesday’s, when I can take it slower. I think that’s what I’ll have to do. Otherwise I worry what problems I’ll experience next Weds afternoon! 😉

  5. Kate says:

    Congrats on the streak that is amazing. I run on a tredmill all the time, better for my legs, than the uneven road. However I always feel a sense that my workout is lacking probably because I stare at the same view for 45 minutes, work hard and dont go anywhere :(. Never have been a fan of indoor tracks, to much like a boxing ring. Become rocky and just punch them back and sprint off, make it a speed workout.

  6. Ouch! That is really strange that they have no sense of space like that on a track. And twice is crazy!! I love the track, but I also have some love for the treadmill too. I did my first set of Yasso 800s on it today, and the time passed so quickly. When I have a specific training goal, the treadmill is great. When I’m kind of meandering through a run, the track is better because I’m not just staring at the screen wondering why I’m torturing myself.

    • Tell me about it! I couldn’t make this stuff up even if I tried. WTH!?!

      I’m gonna try switching my speed training to Friday’s and see if that helps since the gym is less crowded Friday’s. If it doesn’t improve matters, I will see what I can do about the tmill. Honestly, though, I don’t even know how to use a tmill!

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