Just Call Me Rocky…and Next Week’s Goals

Day 25 of the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak and I ran 1.07 miles.  13 more days to go!! I can totally do this!

When I got home from my run, I got this present from K!

I love Disney!!  I love purple.  I love my iPhone. I love K!  I think I should get presents every time I come home from a run, don’t you?

I did pretty good with last week’s goals:

  1. Track my food.  This is a total work in progress for me.  Some days I’m good about it, some days I’m not.  It’s not that I don’t track because I ate poorly. I don’t eat poorly at all.  I’m not 100% about tracking my food but I’m gonna keep trying!
  2. Don’t stress about school.  Week 1 of my class is finished.  I think I did pretty good about not stressing.
  3. Run 9 miles Saturday or Sunday. I ran 9 miles Saturday.  Bam!
What do I want to accomplish next week?  
First let me share with you a decision I made today.  *gulp*  I canceled my membership with Weight Watchers.  I gave a lot of thought as to what I was getting out of the program.  I concluded it was accountability.  Then I thought it over some more and further concluded that since I started this blog, I feel I’ve been more accountable by putting my weekly goals out there for the “world” to see.  It’s true!  There have been times I’ve gone to get a beer from the fridge but remembered I blogged I wouldn’t drink alcohol on a work night so I put the beer back!   This blog is really helping me stick to a lot of the things I have decided I really want for myself: health, nutrition, fitness and weight loss.
Additionally I decided that I’m just going to get really real.  *double gulp* The truth is, I have a half marathon September 2, 2012 and I don’t want to look like this when I run it!
I want to look fitter!  I want there to be a noticeable difference between my 2011 race photos and my 2012 race photos!  That’s what I want!
*triple gulp*  So I’ve decided doing…what I’m about to do…is going to help me reach my goals!
As of today, I weigh 178.2 pounds.  At my physical in October 2011, the doctor advised me to get my weight to 160.  My current weight loss goal is to reach 160 and then reassess where I want to go from there!  When I “officially” started my weight loss journey in December 2011, I weighed 195.
*heavy sigh*  
Next week’s goals:
  1. Find an app to help me track my food and start using it.  I’m thinking of downloading the Livestrong app!
  2. Keep running.  I’ve struggled with the feelings of not wanting to run and I don’t want to give up on this challenge.
  3. Come back here next Thursday and post my weigh in weight.  I have been nervous all day with my plan to post these photos and my weight.  I don’t want to chicken out next week providing an update.  Good or bad, I want to come back here and report it.

With that done and over with, I’m ready to return to the gym tomorrow for my 45 minute run!  I have some new running gear…what do you think?

My name is Jac but you can just call me Rocky!!!


10 thoughts on “Just Call Me Rocky…and Next Week’s Goals

  1. Bean says:

    You go girl! I think it is amazing and brave that you but your goals out there and are so honest about everything. I too have been on a weight loss journey for over a year now and it is a long process but I have found reading inspiring blogs like yours really help! I have lost around 35 lbs so far but still have about 15 to go. Maybe together we can both kick some weight loss butt!

  2. You’ve already lost almost 20 lbs…that’s awesome! You can definitely tell. I also like that even though youre aware of what you feel you have left to lose, you havent forgotten what you’ve already accomplished. I have no doubt you’ll be where you want to be in your 2012 race photos.

  3. What a great accomplishment so far! With your continued positive outlook, determination, and support from your family/friends/blog community…there’s no doubt you will reach your goal. Incredibly inspired by you in posting your goals and photographs…that takes a lot of courage!

  4. Impressive transformation thus far.

  5. narnaboo says:

    So proud of you! You are so brave and have done an incredible job transforming your lifestyle – I have no doubt you will continue on this path and shift those last pounds!! Did I mention I am very proud of you?!? xxxxx 😀

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