Wild Caught Salmon, Next Week’s Goals & Future Races!

We’ve made it to Thursday!!!  Hip, hip – HOORAY!!!

After work I drove as fast as I could straight to Sprout’s to pick up the advertised $1.29 a pound cherries.  I thought about those cherries all day long – True Story!!!  I couldn’t wait to secure 5 pounds of cherries all for me!!! Yum, yum, yum!

While I was at Sprout’s I decided to pick up something for dinner for the Mr. and me.  It was very strange walking through the store and not hearing, “Mommy, can we get some apples…Mommy, let’s get some tomatoes….Mommy, if I’m good can I have a lemonade?”  I’m not use to being able to hear myself think in that store because D is usually going NUTS over all the fresh produce!  Yeap, it’s true – my daughter will cut you for some fresh produce!

A couple of weeks ago I saw an ad in the store that they’d soon be selling wild caught salmon.  I’ve read a lot in recent months that I should only purchase wild caught salmon and so we haven’t had salmon in quite awhile.  Low and behold, wild caught salmon was in their seafood case – which is good because I didn’t have a Plan B for dinner ideas.  I marveled at the massive color difference between the “other” salmon and the wild caught salmon!

I quickly ordered up a pound of the wild caught stuff for me and K..forgetting that without the kids around, 1 pound may be too much.  Whoops.  That will teach me to go to Sprout’s starving!

Can you tell I’m stalling on writing about my goals because I kinda sucked at them this week?

So last week I set the following goals for myself:

  1. Find an app to help me track my food and start using it.  I downloaded the Livestrong app on Tuesday (?) and I used it for breakfast and lunch.  I would call this a major FAIL!
  2. Keep running.  Yeap, I ran every single day last week. I skipped the long run but I think my legs thanked me for it!
  3. Come back here next Thursday and post my weigh in weight.  Well, here I am.  I’ll post the weight in a moment. I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your seats waiting for that reveal!

Last Thursday I weighed 178.2  Today my weight was 178.6.  I’m not upset about that at all!

Goals for next week:

  1. Use the freakin’ Livestrong app to track my food!  It doesn’t do me any good to just have the app sitting on my phone. I need to actually use the stupid thing, duh!
  2. Finish this Runner’s World Summer Running Streak strong! There are 6 more runs until this challenge is over. I have come this far, I can’t stop now!!
  3. Do my long run this weekend!  I skipped the long run last weekend and I already have those nagging thoughts in my head telling me it’s okay if I skip this weekend.  But it’s really not okay if I skip. I need to do it.  The Disneyland half marathon is September 2nd and I want a PR!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m not going to get that PR by sitting on my arse and skipping the long run!

In other exciting news…looks like I can start planning my 2012/2013 race season.  (My race seasons go from September – March, there aren’t very many races beyond March in Phoenix.)

Here’s the line up so far (green bold means I’m already registered):

  • SeptemberDisneyland 5k and Disneyland half marathon  I ran this half marathon for the first time last year.  Amazing!
  • October – ?  No idea.  Got a suggestion??
  • NovemberWomen’s Half Marathon Scottsdale.  I’ve never run this one before and I have a friend running this as her first half marathon.  Good times!!!
  • December – Hot Chocolate 15k ?  Just heard about this race today and 2 of my friends are all about running this one with me.  That would be amazing!!!!  I also want to do the Iron Girl 10 mile.  These races are a week apart but I should be running 10 miles every weekend by that point so I don’t think back-to-back races are going to kill me!
  • JanuaryTinker Bell half marathon.  Running this race again with M!  We had the best time last year!!  By the way, if you haven’t registered for this race yet and you plan to, you might want to hurry, it’s already 72% sold!
  • February – Lost Dutchman. I’ve done the 10k the past 2 years but am thinking about doing the half marathon this time!  We’ll see.
  • March – Phoenix Marathon 10k?   I did the 10k this past year and it was awesome.  This girl is running the full mary so I at least have to be out there doing some race just to cheer her on!    I may consider the half marathon if I don’t do the half marathon at Lost Dutchman.  Tough choices!

Have you run any of the races I list in my lineup? 

If you had a .4 gain, would you freak out?

Any idea why I can’t get the “tracking my food” habit down?  


8 thoughts on “Wild Caught Salmon, Next Week’s Goals & Future Races!

  1. I cannot wait to race in the fall….it seems so far away!!! I would not freak over .4lbs; that could be water weight. The only tracking tip I have is, because it is something you don’t like to do, decide why you think it will help you. Maybe it isn’t for you?

  2. Bean says:

    Lost Dutchman half is fun. The course is a little hilly or if you are overly dramatic like me A LOT hilly but it is a fun atmosphere and it is one of my favorite medals. I did the Women’s half the 1st year it was there and it was a lot of fun. A lot of pink and tutus and the medals are cool because they come with a charm on them. I was just thinking about the Hot Chocolate race today. My feeling is anything with Chocolate in the name is okay by me. The Phoenix 1/2 might be on my list as well.

    • I’ve done the 10k at LD and I think it’s about the same route as the half? I do like the LD race, it’s a good time. Ha ha ha, you’re like my friend, M. She is ALL about the chocolate at the end. I might be nice to myself and only schedule a 1/2 every other month. I’m not sure. Last year I did 3 half marathons within an 8 week time period. It was fun but a little brutal.

  3. Melissa says:

    I haven’t don’t any of those races but I hear the Hot Chocolate one is pretty cool. I tried tracking my food (I think I used Calorie Counter) and that lasted maybe a day..it was a pain in the ass, lol. I’m a freak so I do freak out at .4 but Lynda is probably right….it’s probably just water weight….and you’re doing so well I would focus on the positives! Congrats on sticking with the running streak…that’s impressive and shows your dedication! FYI you’re writing cracks me up (I.e. my daughter will cut you for some fresh produce, lol!)

    • Awww, thanks for the positive reinforcement. 🙂 And thanks for reading, but it’s true about D – she will cut you if you get between her and produce! *wink* My husband nearly had his hand taken off when he ate one too many leaves off her artichoke. It was tense! 🙂

  4. Amy says:

    The chocolate race is coming to Albuquerque this year too! I’m not going to be able to do it, but it looks fun! I guess the first one they did in D.C. had some major issues, but they seem to have worked things out. Plus, how can you go wrong with chocolate?

    And I’ve never been good at tracking my food. I have the mindset that if I don’t write it down, then I didn’t eat it! Have a great weekend, Jac!

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