You Can Run 11 Miles on an Indoor Track Without Losing Your Mind…and Other Random Thoughts..

K and I watched 21 JumpStreet last night and laughed our booties off.  At least I felt like we laughed our booties off but when I woke up this morning I noticed my bootie was still hanging on!  Oh well!

I set the alarm to get up at 5 am for my long run but I shut that noise right off when it rudely woke me up!

When my body woke up all on its own at 9 am, I knew I was screwed for running outdoors.  Truth be told, I love Phoenix and I don’t mind the heat.  What I hate about summer is there is such a small window of opportunity to run outdoors and it means getting up at 0’Dark Thirty – I suppose the solution there is to quit running?  Nah!!!  I don’t like to wake up early but I do it 5x a week for work.  I hate waking up early on the weekend unless I’m going on a trip or running a race.

I really tried to talk myself out of doing a long run.  But it’s like my body was being controlled by something other than my nagging mind because it kinda went in to auto-pilot and just started getting ready to go to the gym.  It was the strangest thing.  My mind was screaming, “I don’t want to do this!!!  You can’t make me!!!” and yet the rest of me wasn’t paying attention.

When I stepped outside I thought for one split second, “I could run out here, couldn’t I?” but my body kept moving towards the car and then I saw this (the clock says PM but it’s wrong, I need to fix that, it’s AM!):

There goes my brilliant idea that I could run outside:

So off to the gym to run on the 1/10th of a mile around indoor running track..this ought to be interesting:

  • Okay…so let’s just drop this down to a 5 mile run instead.
  • Saturday mornings are clearly not a popular workout time.
  • I really hate this shoe on my left foot!
  • I really don’t want to do this today, maybe just 45 minutes?
  • Shauna is right, this sucks-this sucks-this sucks.
  • Stop whining and just get through this.  If you keep griping this is going to drag on forever.  Find a happy place.
  • Wow, all the treadmills are in use but nobody is on the bikes. I really don’t know that I could stand in one spot and run.  It’s hard enough on this track.
  • It’s a lot cooler in here than it was yesterday.
  • Is that Running Jan Brady??  Oh…no…just a totally different girl who is strutting around here trying to get noticed.
  • That’s a big group gathering for Zumba.
  • Whoa, stopping for that GU (although completely nasty) and Nuun really seems to have helped me a lot!
  • Is that dude sleeping in that chair??  OMG, yes he is.  Dude, are all these people exercising wearing you out?  Wow.  Dude, get up and do some exercise then maybe you won’t be so freakin’ tired.
  • That looks like one of my water bottles in that corner…oh…that is my water bottle..hurry back around to get it so it doesn’t disappear!
  • What is that lady doing with her legs?  She’s walking like a flamingo!  Wow, that’s runny.
  • Seriously…every time I hear this Pink song (Family Portrait) I get teary eyed.  I’m glad she seems to have worked things out with her parents.  It is so awful what people do to their kids!
  • Sleeping Dude, your wife has just gone in to the Zumba class and you’re still sleeping in that chair. I’m getting really pissed off now!
  • Who comes to a gym and sleeps?
  • Seether, your “F$^k It” song needs to be my official Power Song!!!  Hot damn my legs picked up the speed during this song!
  • Don’t worry, Eminem, we still have “No Love”!  Nobody can take that away from us!
  • OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!  8.49 miles done??  Really!?!?  Oh I can’t quit now!!
  • How did I get to 9 miles without noticing?  I swear the first four miles were torture!
  • Why is the last mile always the hardest?  C’mon legs, I know you’re sore and tired but let’s finish strong.
  • Oh my goodness, I am so sore.  WTH?!!
  • Can it be?  OMG!!  I just ran 11 miles on an indoor track and I didn’t lose my mind!!!!!

I ran 11.03 miles in 2:00:53 hours.  I’m not gonna lie, I cried while I did my stretches, not because I was in pain but because I was so happy I did the full 11 miles. I  really did not want to do this run but I didn’t want to come back here and give a bunch of BS excuses, either.

I smell something fierce so I must shower and put these clothes in the washing machine.  Gahhrroosss!!!!

Do you listen to dance music or angry music (like Rock) when you run?  I listen to both but it seems the angry music helped the most today

Would you be sad and angry if you saw an overweight dude sleeping at the gym?

What is your favorite cocktail?


6 thoughts on “You Can Run 11 Miles on an Indoor Track Without Losing Your Mind…and Other Random Thoughts..

  1. Bean says:

    If I had to run 11 miles at the gym seeing anyone taking a nap (overweight or not) would make me angry. Favorite cocktail….do I have to pick just one, vodka tonics….amaretto sours, can’t pick just one.

  2. Melissa says:

    Yay…congrats on your 11!!! Impressive to do on an indoor track or tmill for sure! I listen to offensive rap music and hard rock most of the time…really gets me going, lol! I would feel sad about the overweight dude. :-/ No favorite cocktail as I don’t drink. Congrats again lil lady…that’s awesome! 🙂

  3. I have to have an occasional angry song on my list too. My favorite angry song is One Step Closer by Linkin Park (I think?). Who sleeps at the gym? That is almost as bad as the people who ride bikes (sloooowly) and eat potato chips at my gym. Really? You could have done that at home. 🙂

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