A Family That Trains Together…

With less than 5 weeks until our next 5k, K decided today was the day  he would join D and I in our training.  The last time we ran a 5k as  a family was October 2011.  We are registered to run the  Disneyland Family Fun Run 5k on Saturday, September 1st!

It is hot as H.E.Double Hockey Sticks here in Phoenix.  No question about that.

It’s monsoon season…which makes it H.E.Double Hockey Sticks and HUMID here in Phoenix.  Ugh.

So at 2 pm this afternoon, we headed out for a training run!

I would have expected all the whining and crying to come from K today but nope, it was D.  She was very vocal about her displeasure.  “The sun is turning my skin orange.  It’s so hot out here.  Why are you pushing me?  I hate Phoenix!”  I continued to hand her water bottles, pour water on her head and neck but when she saw that the sprinklers were not on at the park…she was furious!  I reassured her we did not need to go fast, we did not need to push it, and we just needed to get it done.  K and I bribed her with promises of a splash in the pool when we were finished with our training session.

Multiple times during our training I had to distract D with conversations about how wonderful and refreshing it will feel to run in California.  I had to tell her to think of places that were cooler, like the beach.  That did seem to help!

Finally, on the cool down walk home, the whining and complaining ceased–a little!

Hey, K, I thought I was the one supposed to be running in the bike lane?!

D was in no mood to pose for my photos!


Once home, I insisted we pose for a family photo.  D refused but K convinced her to humor me!


A family that trains together…finishes races together…right?!

Have you had a good weekend?

When was the last time you ran a 5k?

How is the weather where you are?


Ladies Who Lunch!!

On my way to an interview with a staffing agency today I got a wonderful invite from a dear friend of mine, L, for lunch!  She and her family are moving to CO later this weekend and I was thrilled to have this opportunity with her!!  On what “normal Friday” would I get to have this good-bye lunch with my dear, sweet friend?!  Seize the moment!!

We met at a local mall and quickly decided on Cheesecake Factory for lunch!  L determined we were going to be “ladies who lunch” since she’s a stay-at-home mom and I’m unemployed…we were gonna fake it until we break it!

“Ladies who lunch” cocktail during lunch!!  Lemon Drops!

“Ladies who lunch”  indulge in fabulous desserts!!

I had an amazing lunch with such an amazing friend. I’m really going to miss her…even though she’s trying with all her might to convince us to move to CO!  K is not unconvinced, I’m just waiting for all the signs…doors to open, etc!

After lunch, we casually strolled along in some sort of pathetic attempt to burn off calories.  L kept commenting that I was going to blog about how she tempted me with too many calories, as some sort of bad influence or something.  I say…indulge…as long as it’s few and far between.  *wink*

I just want to know…has anyone actually purchased these purses we found in Macy’s!

I’m excited for L and the adventures her family is about to embark on! Who knows..she may get her way and have me and my family banging down her door in CO one day.  You just never know where your road will take you!

Are you a lady that lunches?

Do you own one of those purses?  Do you want to own one?

Do you always order dessert at Cheesecake Factory?

Hello 60!

Yesterday D and I went to the produce market to buy some cherries (99 cents a pound, thank you very much!) and while we were there I discovered the market is now carrying the Vega brand!  I’ve been wanting to find a gel that is healthier so have been wanting to try these!!

I’ve read good things..can’t wait to try them out!

Today I had a very important interview for a job you might describe as my “dream job”!

How’d it go?  Honestly..I feel like I blew it.  I got so nervous and felt like I was having an out-of-body experience and wanted to slap myself!

D and I went for her 3rd run of the week following the same routine we did on Tuesday!

When we came within view of the park, D was super excited to see the sprinklers were on.  You would think that would have inspired her to run/walk faster to get to them but it didn’t.  As soon as we were much closer to the sprinklers, she took off

She did a couple of laps through the coolness!

That kept her somewhat happy for the next 10 minutes of our training but just like Tuesday, on the final round of the run/walk segments, she started to whine, whimper, and confess her “hate” of running!   We did 1.77 miles in 27:41 minutes.  She’s getting slower but it is hot outside.

We finally made it home and she felt fine enough to pose with me for an “after” picture!

In other news…I weighed in this morning!  Last Thursday I weighed in at 175.  Today..173.8! I have lost a total of 21.2 pounds since 12/08/11!

More great news, today marked the 60th day of consecutive running!  #RWStreakExtreme, a continuation of #RWRunStreak – going strong!

Have you tried the Vega Endurance Gel?

How many pounds of cherries have you eaten this summer?  (I think I’m up to 6!)

Do you ever cry while running?

Trains in a Tutu

Sticking to D’s 5k training schedule, we made our way out around 6 pm last night.  I came downstairs to find D ready to go…and wearing her new tutu.

Now I’ve seen plenty of tutu’s on runners but normally, that’s in races.  I have to say, watching D run in her tutu was definitely entertaining!

Yesterday we did Week 1 Day 2 of Ease Into 5k.  Starting with a 5 minute warm-up walk, we then repeated the following 3 times:

  • Run 30 seconds
  • Walk 45 seconds
  • Run 45 seconds
  • Walk 60 seconds
  • Run 60 seconds
  • Walk 90 seconds

Finished with a cool down walk of 5 minutes.

It was really hot and humid out and after a long day of school, D was just not feeling the run – I’m sure many of us can relate.  You know how excited I get when the sprinklers are on?   Well…magnify that by 10 and that’s how excited D was when I gave her the instructions to run through them, twice!  When she took off for the sprinklers, I think she ran faster than she did for any other run segments.  On our 3rd round, I poured a bottle of water over her head and that helped her a lot – it also made her laugh, for whatever reason!

All in all, I think she did great!  She even managed a smile for the camera on the cool down walk home!

This morning we had our “normal while unemployed” breakfast routine.  As I walked her in to school, she insisted I could accompany her to the playground!

When the line-up bell sounded, she insisted I could line-up with the class.  And then she insisted I could walk with the class to the classroom.  And then she insisted I could come inside but I said my good-byes at the classroom door.  As I walked away, I thought I better find a job soon or she’s going to get too use to this set-up!  ha ha ha!

Do you still swing on the swings at the playground?  

Do you wear a visor or a sweatband while running?

What’s the healthiest thing you’ve eaten today?



Breakfast…The Important Meal!

Yesterday was D’s first day of school and since I’m unemployed, I made her breakfast before school.  Normally, she gets breakfast at school!  I didn’t prepare her the healthiest breakfast but she did have two waffles and an egg.  She even got in some exercise before the line-up bell rang!

Yesterday, I felt like I was starving all day. I had breakfast (yogurt) and lunch (leftover spaghetti and veggies) but I just felt like I was hungry all day long!

This morning I decided to serve D the same breakfast as yesterday!

I love using a pizza slicer to cut up her waffles…makes it so easy!

Yesterday afternoon I stopped at the store and picked up some waffles for myself…I see these used by so many bloggers so I figured I’d give them a whirl!


I used the pizza slicer to cut my waffle up, as well!


I liked the waffle.  It tasted pretty good, I’d describe it as “meaty” as it seemed to have a lot more depth than D’s Eggo did!

It’s very rare that I get to have breakfast like this on a workday Tuesday!



Rejoice in the things that are present; all else is beyond thee.”  Michel de Montaigne

I realized yesterday that the quote above is in my little “note box” on Gmail chat.  I haven’t paid attention to that note in forever but read it yesterday and it was the like the perfect words for me to read.  Today, I sat down with D to eat breakfast because on what normal Tuesday can we do that?  As I walked her in to school, I allowed myself to really enjoy the moment…on what normal Tuesday do I get to walk D in to school and kiss her before she starts her day?

Sometimes it’s a choice you have to make – you can choose your attitude.  I am choosing to be joyful in each present moment!

Before you wear a costume to a race, do you train in it?

Do you eat breakfast or skip it??

If you work outside the home – do you eat breakfast at home or work?



There Better Be a Cool Medal!

On Sunday we went to a birthday party for a very special 6 year old in our lives.  She and her family are moving to Colorado later this month so it is likely the last time we’ll see them for awhile.  I’m thankful D had so much fun at the birthday party!

Face paint!

Balloon art in the shape of Repunzel’s hair!

Too cool for school (which started today)!!

With less than 6 weeks until the Disneyland 5k, I decided it’s imperative I start training D this week.  I’ve been putting off her training because it’s so hot outside!  I worked out her run schedule to be Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday since those don’t conflict with my normal training runs of Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  I absolutely believe that beginners should never run consecutive days so the S, T, Th schedule works great for D, allowing rest days, and even assists me in achieving my goal of running at least 1 mile every day.

Around 5:30 pm last night, D and I headed out to do Week 1 Day 1 using my Ease into 5k app!  (This isn’t the first time D has trained for a 5k but it has been awhile since she ran one.)  For our first run segment, D does what she always does – goes all out, full steam and tries to show me that she can run faster than me.  The first run segment was only 30 seconds long and I kept up with her but reminded her that she has to remember to pace herself.  The second run was 45 seconds and she was losing steam.  By the time we did the third run segment, it was 1 minute in length and she was really struggling.  In all fairness, it’s hot out and she hasn’t run since March!

She’s an absolute trooper.  She never cried or whined to go home and she started listening to me about slowing her pace and not trying to “beat Mom”!   There were times she wanted to reduce to a walk during a run portion but I would just encourage her with, “You can do it!  You’re doing it!”

During the cool down walk home, D says, “There better be a cool medal at the end of the race!!”  Ahh…she is totally my daughter!!!

We logged 1.82 miles in 26 minutes – a 14:33 pace.  The pace is perfect for Disney’s standards but I’m eager to see that get better as I imagine D will want to take advantage of many photo opportunities during the race!

What face paint character do you want on your cheek?

What balloon animal do you request?

If you have kids, do they run with you?

Nobody Likes a Negative Nancy!

Yesterday, D and I met a friend for lunch at my favorite brewery, I bet you’ll never guess which one!  San Tan Brewing Co!  Even though I always order the same beer, Hop Shock I.P.A., I often switch up what I order to eat.  I love that about this place…and it’s about the only place I eat where I don’t eat the same exact thing every time!  Awesome!

Yesterday, I had the Turkey Pasta Salad and it was really good!

But like I said, I haven’t had anything here that I don’t like!

Last night, friends of ours came over for a swim.  It was a good time with great friends and a nice distraction from thinking too much!

I was feeling pretty low this morning.  Seems this unemployment stuff is an emotional roller coaster.  Yesterday, I felt pretty good.  This morning, I felt bad again and sulked for awhile playing the, “Should have, would have, could have” game.  That was annoying!  What good is all that going to do me?!  Last I checked, I don’t have a “way back” machine so games like that are pointless!

Annoyed with myself and not wanting to hear it from me any more, I dressed for my run.  I’m not pulling the normal running routine this week but I am sticking to the 1 mile a day game!

Running often clears my head.  For short runs, there’s not a lot of time to think about a lot other than your form, pace, debris in your way, etc.  As I was running along in the bike lane, I was thinking about how much stress I have left out there on the pavement over the past 2 years!  (I started running in August 2010 because I was under a lot of stress and worried it was going to really affect my health.)  So here I was, again, purposely running to burn off some stress.  Then I found myself feeling thankful that I have running to help me cope with stress and clear my head.  Even though my run was short, I made the decision that it’s time for me to play the Glad Game!

  • I’m glad I have running!
  • I’m glad I have connections that may help me.
  • I’m glad I have a half marathon coming up to look forward to.
  • I’m glad I have the love and support of all my friends and family.
  • I’m glad we are healthy.

After all, nobody likes a Negative Nancy – and I don’t like Negative Nancy living in my head!  She’s so fired!

How is your Saturday going?

It’s Like a Divorce!

I woke up around 8 this morning and refused to get out of bed. I decided now was a good time to catch up on my Tivo recordings of         “Secret Life of an American Teenager“!   Yes…I’m a grown ass woman and I watch this show.  What of it?

Oh…by the way…I’ve entered the “anger” stage of unemployment. I don’t think I’ve dropped so many F bombs in my life than I did today.  It might be a new world record!  I also used a lot of other choice 4 letter words.  It was awesome!!!!

So you know how I said the worst part of being laid off is that I would miss so many of my wonderful co-workers.  Yeah..so 2 of those wonderful co-workers contacted me today and said my belongings were packed and they’d like to deliver them.  That was awesome because then it meant that some of my stuff wouldn’t get broken in “shipping”!  So D and I met them for lunch at On the Border.

I ordered a salad and mushroom & spinach enchilada.  The enchilada was nothing to write home blog about but at least there are pictures!

I’ve talked about one of my old co-workers here before but I’ve never named her. She’s officially being named now because 1) she’s awesome and 2) we’ll be doing some races together in the future.  So A and my other co-worker and I had a nice lunch catching up.  It was hard to look them in the eyes and see that they were really feeling for me.

This leads me to my next rant…you know who your true friends are by the actions they take!  I learned a very long time ago that words are “words” – they mean nothing. It’s the actions that people take that reveal their true character!

So here is all the stuff that use to fit in to my cubicle!

Yes, I had a lot of stuff.  I worked there for 9.6 years!  My cube was very decorated and full – it was my home away from home.  And here it all sat, in 2 large boxes!

I decided that being laid off is not like a death in the family – it’s like a divorce!

This afternoon I ran 1.08 miles and ran as fast and as hard as my legs could take me.  I was feeling so very angry and it felt good to take that frustration out on the pavement.

So for some good news…this morning I weighed myself and to my surprise, the scale said 175.0!  Wow!!  I’ve officially lost 20 pounds since December 8, 2011.  Here’s the breakdown since I started posting my weight on this blog:

  • 6-21-12 = 178.2
  • 6-28-12 = 178.6
  • 7-12-12 = 179.8
  • 7-19-12 = 175

I’ve lost 3.2 pounds in the past month.  I’ll take it.

Do you watch Secret Life of an American Teenager?

Do you run while angry?

What’s your favorite curse word?


Not Your Ordinary Wednesday!

Around 3 pm I had the brilliant idea to go out for my run.   D was home with me and I gave her the option to ride her scooter or bike.  Fortunately, she chose the bike!

2.08 miles in this 104* heat was BRUTAL!

As soon as we were home and changed, we hit the pool!

Awww..so refreshing, relaxing and void of thoughts!!

K stopped for dinner on the way home…

Eh…I haven’t had this in awhile but wasn’t in the mood to cook but this definitely did not look appetizing!


I read an article earlier today after I Google’d, “I was laid off now what”.  The article suggested I take a day or two to just mourn and process what was happening.  So that’s exactly what I was doing this afternoon…with awful food!  Ick.

To be honest with you, my head hasn’t worked right all day.  I’ve been in this fog.  D and I went to the eye doctor to sort out her new prescription and that was about all I could handle today.

I’ve decided to give myself a pass until Monday morning.  I have until Monday to kick this…whatever it is.  I did apply for a couple of jobs today but that’s all I’m going to focus on until Monday.  Most people put off diets until Monday but I’m going to put off unemployment until then!

As I dried off from our splashy time in the pool on this wonderful Wednesday evening, I looked towards the sky and saw this!

And I thought that under normal circumstances, I would not be laying there – looking towards the sky, seeing the beauty, hearing D giggling in the pool and having just enjoyed a fun hour of playing in the pool with my family.  Under normal circumstances, I would have been sitting at a computer, working on homework and preparing for the next work day.

I’m thankful for today!

Do you feel guilty when you eat food that’s bad for you?

What is one great thing that happened to you today?

What is one of your blessings?



I Cannot Run and Cry at the Same Time!

It feels like there’s been a death in my family.  There hasn’t been an actual death, for that I am grateful.  Today I was laid off from my job.  Our family suffered through unemployment last February 2011 when K lost his job.  Fortunately, his unemployment was short lived but it was a rough 4 months of uncertainty and scariness.  Still struggling to get back on our feet and readjusted and today I lost my job.

Last year…when we’d say K lost his job he would comment that he didn’t lose it – he knew exactly where it was and that someone had taken it from him.  I understand the sentiment behind that today!  It feels strange saying, “I lost my job!” like I lost a pair of sunglasses or something.

I know we’re just now getting to know each other and you aren’t terribly familiar with my past but I learned a long time ago that God is in control.  It may sound cliche to say but I believe that everything happens for a reason and when God closes a door – He opens a window.  I know this because I’ve lived it.  I’ve had many struggles and uncertainties but I’ve always trusted that I would make it to the other side in a better position than what I started in!

The hardest part about losing my job today is that I’m really going to miss the people I have worked with for the past 9.6 years.  We were like family.  I looked forward to seeing them every day and sharing in their lives.  I know we can stay connected via Facebook and things like that but it’s not the same as day-in and day-out interactions.  So many of them were there when I started my running adventures and they were so supportive and encouraging.  It’s like a piece of my past is dying and I’m so very sad about that.

When K got home from work today, I was in the middle of an emotional breakdown.  So many of my friends from work were reaching out to me and saying such nice things and it just made me that much sadder.  It’s so nice to feel so loved.  It felt so strange tightening the shoelaces on my running shoes while I was sobbing.

Today I learned that I cannot cry while I run. I can walk and cry –  no problem there.  As soon as I’d break in to a run, the tears would stop.  I was thankful for the temporary pause in tears…but then started to worry that if I continue to have these crying outbreaks, I’m gonna be logging a lot more miles!

You know you’re a runner when you are laid off and still do your 1 mile run for the #RWStreakExtreme!

Ugh…this is a depressing post but it’s helped me to write it out.  Thanks for suffering through this…if you’ve made it this far, that is!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, a new day!

This too shall pass!