The Weekend Situation 7.1.12

Why does the weekend seem to fly by?  Grr..

Yesterday, after my 11 mile run and zoned out afternoon, K and I had plans to hang out with some friends of ours.  I was completely stoked out of my mind when I pulled on a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to wear in years…I say 2 years but I think it might be more than that.  The last time I tried to pull these babies on, they couldn’t make the climb over my ginormous hips!  But not last night!!!

I was most excited when J commented on this picture I posted on Facebook and said, “GOOD JOB MOMMA”!  Made my whole day!!

Feeling good and quite proud of myself..we headed out to dinner with our friends.  We ended up at Pita Jungle and I opted for the Grilled Vegetable Salad because this girl always raves about it!

It was an incredibly tasty salad and I chose it because 1) it was recommended and 2) I needed to save my calories for later in the evening!

We went to a friends house to celebrate another friends birthday.  I always find it interesting the things other people drink!

I have to be very careful about the liquor I drink because most of it gives me insane heartburn.  This looked like a fun bottle, though.  Sadly, I cannot account for how the drink tasted though. I was sticking to my vodka!

We played this insanely fun card game, Cards Against Humanity!  Everyone draws 10 white cards and 1 person reads the phrase from a black card.  As a player, your job is to “fill in the blank” of the phrase in the black card.  The game is highly inappropriate and completely not PC but it was a good laugh!

We had a really good time and didn’t get home until 3:30 am – way past my bedtime!

This morning I had plans to meet with two of my friends, G and L.  We use to get together once a month for a “Mom’s Night Out” and see a chick flick and have dinner.  L is moving to Colorado so we wanted to get in one last get-together.  The only “chick flick” currently in theaters is “Magic Mike” so we were forced agreed to see it.  Alright, truth be told, I don’t know if there are any other chick flicks currently out, it was no question we’d see this movie just because it seemed like it was the thing to do.  I’m not in to male strippers, by any stretch of the imagination, and I would be mortified if I went to a male review.  But I had already looked up trailers on YouTube and knew there was a lot more to this movie than raunchy dance scenes.  I was amused by all the gasping and disappointing sighs by the other women in the theater when things did or didn’t go as they imagined.  Mostly I was kinda grossed out by the middle-aged women there with their young teen-aged daughters.  Nothing says mother-daughter bonding like drooling over half naked men, I guess?!

After the movie we had lunch at Gordon Biersch.  Can you believe I did not order a beer?  I still had my 1 mile run to do and didn’t need beer getting in the way of making that goal a reality.  For lunch I ordered a Lobster & Crab salad. It was pretty good.

K was still out when I got home so I decided that since I was already covered in sweat from the drive home, I might as well suit up and do my 1 mile run.  It was 111* when I went out for my run and OMG, it was hot.  My legs were also a little sore from yesterday’s 11 mile run.  Needless to say, the run was a bit slower than it has been but at least I got it done.

Now I’m ready to just relax for the rest of the evening!

Would you see “Magic Mike” with your mom?

Would you take your young daughter to see “Magic Mike” with you?

Have you played Cards Against Humanity?


4 thoughts on “The Weekend Situation 7.1.12

  1. Melissa says:

    If it was the only movie OnDemand I may watch it with my mom…and I would not take my young daughter to see that, absolutely not, lol. Have not played that card game but I love inappropriate things so that intrigued me, haha! Congrats on braving the 111* heat to run…that’s crazy hot!

  2. I could never see magic mike with my mom…i would be embarrassed the whole time. And given my daughters are 3 and 10 months, it may make me a bad mom to take them to see it with me :). Congrats on those jeans though, such a great feeling and its so motivating to continue being healthy!

    • There was a woman in the theater with a toddler. The toddler kept talking to the woman seated behind them, the woman was clearly annoyed! I kept thinking, “Who takes their toddler to a movie like this?!” 🙂 And thank you, it is extremely motivating to pull those jeans on!

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