Motivated Monday

Happy Monday!!!

Today is Day 36 in the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak Challenge.  You know what that means?!  Only 2 more runs until the challenge is over!!!!!  I am really looking forward to a rest day on Thursday…or am I?  I had a quick thought yesterday that maybe I should keep the challenge going..  We’ll see.  I’m entertaining the idea.  Only because I am so motivated by what I’ve seen on Daily Mile!!!

In June I exceeded the most miles I have ever run in a month.  Insane!!!  83 miles. I never thought I’d see a month I ran 83 miles.

Then I saw this!

My pace is decreasing!!  I’m very excited about that since I have a goal to PR at my next half marathon!!!  I really feel like that dream may become a reality for me!!!  I’ve been working hard and I really want it. I don’t necessarily have a PR time in mind because it is a Disney race and they tend to bottleneck in certain areas.  I don’t want to set myself up for a disappointment by saying, “I want to do it in X time” because that may not be realistic.  But…in looking at this, I think it’s a very real possibility I should be able to pull something off!!!

Then this weekend I got a huge boost to my self esteem when I pulled those jeans on.  This journey to lose weight has been difficult.  Sometimes I don’t see results as quickly as I’d like to.  But I keep working at it and doing what I’m supposed to do in hopes that one day it will pay off. I feel like on Saturday I got that little pay off  – that little nudge to keep me on this path!!  I am feeling confident that I’m doing the right things on this journey to a healthier me!

I’m in a good place right now and I like it!!

Did you have a good Monday?

What are you doing for 4th of July?


14 thoughts on “Motivated Monday

  1. bestmommie says:

    I saw a movie with a friend, got offered a job, ate dinner at another friends house and got to spend time with my kids. Life is good and motivators like you make life better. On the 4th I will be drinking a beer and watching my babies eyes light up when they watch fireworks. Life is a wonderful place to be.

  2. Melissa says:

    That’s awesome girl!…congrats (on the streak and on feeling great in the jeans)! Just a thought though w the pace thing…maybe bc you haven’t had a rest day and also with the very hot temps outside as well as battling ppl on the indoor track could be contributing but regardless…it’s just awesome that you’re feeling great and confident about the 1/2! 🙂

  3. Bean says:

    That is awesome mileage and so awesome about your pace. If you are interested in continuing the streak……I can’t believe I am saying this I must still have a runners high from my run this morning, but we could do our own streak from the 4th of July to Labor day. Just think of all the sweaty miles,,,,,oh wait maybe don’t.

  4. Erika@YouJustDidWhat says:

    Your running seems to be going great! Yay!
    Monday was Ok.
    I’m doing a 5k with friends and family tomorrow. My husband said he’d do it if I’d walk with him. I decided that would be fun since we don’t do this kind of stuff often!! So we’re pushing my daughter in her stroller too. Then I don’t know what we will do in the evening. Prob relax and light fireworks!
    Happy 4th!

  5. WTG!!! you’re clearly reaping the benefits of running every day 😀 I have a 5k tomorrow and will probably just relax after before finding something fun to do.

  6. Wow! That pace decrease is awesome to see. It almost makes me want to sign up for Daily Mile so I can have a little chart like that to stare at.:) Great, great work on the monthly mileage too!

  7. pacifiersandfruitloops says:

    that’s awesome!! it’s an incredible feeling when you finally see progress like that 🙂

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