I’m Back and Still Streaking…

I’ve been MIA because the hubs and I went on a little getaway to this place!

Pacific Beach/Mission Beach, California.  Oh it was heavenly.  It was about 40 degrees cooler there than it is here in hell Phoenix.  This (photo above) was the view of my run on Wednesday, 4th of July.  I’ll write more about our trip later.

We drove home today and after some motivation from my friends on Facebook, I suited up for my run!  The idea of running at the gym was depressing so I decided to bear the 109* temps outdoors!  That should tell you exactly how much I hate running at the gym because running in 109* is no joke!  (I do not recommend anyone run in that kind of heat unless you 1) know how to hydrate properly, 2) are somewhat use to running in hotter temps, and 3) know when to reduce your pace and how to listen to your body!  As always – tell someone where you’ll be running to and how long you’ll be gone – that way they know when they might need to go looking for you!)

Needless to say, I had some thoughts during today’s sweaty run:

  • Sprinklers dead ahead…must run through them..
  • Even though the sprinklers only got my torso wet, it still was a major help and I’m only 6 minutes in to this run.
  • I really should have done this run before we left San Diego, that way I would have had 3 runs in amazing temps instead of just two.
  • You know, today was supposed to be a rest day but OH NO!!!! I just had to agree to another streak..
  • Well, it’s kinda hard to not do the streak when Runner’s World themselves puts you on blast on Twitter..I mean..c’mon!
  • Oh my Good Lord it is so flippin’ hot out here!
  • OMG, could you drive any slower…I’m just needing to cross the street here, it’s only 109* out and I’m running and you’re in your car with the A/C on.
  • I am so excited D is coming home tomorrow.
  • Ahh..I love Adele, so excited she’s going to have a baby.  But I can’t imagine Adele writing happy songs.  Hmm…
  • I wanna go back to San Diego.
  • Wonder what K and I should do tonight as our last night with no kids?

I ran 2.13 miles in 26:37 minutes.  Definitely a bit slower but have I mentioned how hot it is outside?!

In case you’re not keeping count, I have run 40 consecutive days now.  I feel really good.  I definitely feel encouraged by all the amazing things you all say – the support and encouragement is amazing.

I’ll be back soon to tell you all about our trip to San Diego!


6 thoughts on “I’m Back and Still Streaking…

  1. Damn woman you be crazy! Lol but congrats on 40 and for getting through your run in that ridiculous heat! Glad you had a nice lil getaway 🙂

  2. Erika@YouJustDidWhat says:

    Oh yay! Can’t wait to hear about your trip. I hope you had a good time!

  3. Bean says:

    California! How fun! I love the beach. Hope you had an awesome trip! And thanks for being totally motivating. This run streak has fulfilled the need of having a goal and since I don’t race till RnR Denver in Sept. this is perfect! You rock!

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