3rd and 4th of July in San Diego, CA!

From my experience, if you live in Ohio – you vacation in Florida!

If  live in Phoenix, AZ – you vacation in San Diego, CA.  Or at least escape to there any given weekend you can between the months of hot as hell and hotter than hell  May and @ September!

K hates the heat in Phoenix, he begins insistent whining from the time the thermostat hits over 90* until it drops again.  It’s a really long season, K’s whining.

We ran away to San Diego after work on July 3rd!

Along the way there’s Dateland, AZ.  Have you ever stopped for a shake?  I don’t care for dates so, no shake here.

Weird palm tree formation in Dateland.  I wonder if this is an attempt to block the sound from the train?  Or is it a secret oasis?

Sunset on I-8 westbound to San Diego!

Our only plans for the weekend were to ride/run along the beach.  So around 8:30 am on 4th of July we headed to Mission Beach.  I was completely surprised by the crowds already gathering at the beach.  I knew the fireworks would be popular but I hadn’t anticipated people setting up camp so early.  (In Phoenix, it’s too hot for us to go out too early in the day on July 4th.  Most people wait until much later in the day to start before they venture out!)

K was ready for his 2.5 hour ride!

I was ready for my 13 mile run!

This was a view along my run!

At least that was my view for the first quarter mile!  The path along Pacific Beach to Mission Beach was very, very crowded. I loved it because it was a massive distraction from thinking about the running. There was so much to watch out for, I couldn’t even escape in to thoughts.  K found me multiple times along the route and we agreed it was far too crowded to try and do the complete 2.5 hours/a.k.a. 13 miles.  So at 7.19 miles, I quit.

We headed to World Famous for lunch!

Happy Birthday, America cocktails!

After lunch we walked along a pier and watched the surfers!

Loved these shutters!

Saw this bumper sticker and it made me smile!

After we cleaned up back at the hotel room, we took the Trolley in to the Gaslamp District.  The trolley was full of so many people making their way in to downtown to watch the fireworks!

The Gaslamp District was practically empty and it was around 5 pm on a holiday evening!  We stayed in this area just a couple of years ago so we knew it was extremely uncommon to be so empty!

We had a beer at the most adorable Irish pub I’ve ever been to!

K got a craving for ice cream so we went to Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop!  I immediately had my sights set on the Gold Rush!   Can you spot the layer of peanut butter??

Was astonished with how empty the place was…speculated everyone was staking claims in spots for the fireworks show!

Loved the details on this building!

Overheard someone on the street say it use to be a brothel?

We finished our adventures with a cocktail at a restaurant near the trolley station!  I loved the shape of this glass, for whatever reason!

We were feeling silly and enjoying our kickback afternoon!

We understood the fireworks show was at 9 pm. It was nearing 8 pm so we decided to start making our way out of downtown.  We briefly discussed staying for the show but neither of us like crowds and we didn’t want to deal with the crowds trying to leave one single part of town at all the same time.  I kinda felt like we were old and grumpy because we didn’t want to bother even when we didn’t have children to worry about.  But…I hate dealing with crazy crowds more than I worry about being an old grump!  So we made our way back to the safety and comfort of our hotel room!

Once we were up and about on Thursday, July 5th, I read a posting from a friend on Facebook, living on the east coast, about the epic fail fireworks show from San Diego on 4th of July!  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The entire 18 minute show exploded in 15 seconds.  I can not even begin to imagine what the crowd was like making their way back after all that.  If people are setting up camp a full 12+ hours before the show, they can’t be terribly happy, patient people when things don’t go according to plan. I am so glad K and I had made the decision to get out of town!

Did you have an epic fireworks fail this year?

What time do people in your area head out for a fireworks show?

I think Disneyland puts on the best fireworks show.  Who is your favorite?


10 thoughts on “3rd and 4th of July in San Diego, CA!

  1. Looks/sounds like you had a nice lil getaway! 🙂 we (me especially) don’t like crowds either so we passed on the fireworks. That soda fountain concoction looks amazing! We stayed at Hotel Indigo when we went last year and I did the trolley tour a couple of times when my hubby was at his conference (love those things, lol). Great job in getting a run in even on your mini vaca. 🙂

  2. I would have loved to see the fireworks fail. Stuff like that really cracks me up ( but not if I’m hot and crabby!). Good choice on going back to the hotel! The universe loves you:)

  3. I was wondering if you were at that fireworks fail! Sucks! Looks like you had a great trip!

  4. Amy says:

    I have driven by that weird palm tree oasis in the middle of nowhere! I’m glad you had a great getaway to San Diego! It looks so cool and refreshing there! And even though it would have been interesting to see a huge explosion of fireworks, glad you guys opted to skip out!

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