Stop and Smell the Ocean

Thursday, July 5th was our last full day in San Diego.  After I squeezed in my 1 mile run near the hotel, we were on our way to La Jolla, CA.

We sat out on the rocks watching the surf for quite awhile.  

It was rather peaceful just sitting there, watching and smelling the ocean without the constant, “Can we go…when can we eat…I need to go potty..what are we doing here…why can’t I go swimming..”  Ahhh…

I could live here…you know, if these people would move out and just hand me over the deeds to their homes!

Later we were sitting on a bench, overlooking the ocean, taking the views in and I got this Tweet!

I jumped up and did a full blown happy dance right there on the sidewalk, K says a passer-by took my picture as I was being ridiculous. But hello!!!!  Runner’s World just mentioned me and Bean in a Tweet they sent out – not a reply they sent but an actual Tweet they sent.  That was worth dancing for, I thought!

After a couple of hours of staring at the ocean in La Jolla and enjoying the silence we decided we were hungry.  Kinda bummed there was nothing in the area that we could sit, eat and watch the ocean.  Using my handy TripAdvisor app on my phone, I found a couple of places nearby.  I was really craving a shrimp cocktail and that’s exactly what I got!

From this place!

Fabulous!  I told K it might be the best shrimp cocktail I ever had and for $4.95, it was FABULOUS bargain!!!

In the same parking lot was this place:

So we also got some fish tacos (mostly because the fish market was so full and there was no place to sit – you may already be aware of our dislike of crowds)!

The tacos were great and they used a huge piece of fish in each of our taco’s.  So fresh and not fried, it was wonderful and very filling!

This house was near the restaurants.  I’d happily live here too, again, if said owner wants to hand me the deed!  🙂

We decided we’d go back to Mission Beach/Pacific Beach because we wanted some place we could have a cocktail and watch the ocean.

We wound up at P.B. Ale House and had this as a our view!

We quickly ordered up some beers!

K and I enjoyed some amazing ceviche that had quite the kick to it!

The view did not suck!

The beers and ceviche didn’t suck, either!

The company was the best!!!

It was a great day!

On Friday we drove home to hell Phoenix but we were so thankful for the 2 days we had to enjoy the cooler temps in the San Diego area!  Ahh..


9 thoughts on “Stop and Smell the Ocean

  1. Yayyy for having a great day and that is so awesome about the tweet!!! :o) Glad you had a great time. And awesome job getting your run in!

  2. Bean says:

    Looks like a fantastic 2 days! Makes me want to ditch life and head to the beach. I also freaked out about the tweet. I was like D what do I do, what do I do? He was like well….you could tweet back. Oh right. Sometimes I am just so cool it is hard to handle :P.

    • I’d live near the ocean in a heartbeat if I wasn’t so scared of it (and could afford it)! LOL That’s funny about D “Well….you could tweet back.” My poor husband just had to watch complete strangers take pictures of his wife dancing around like a maniac!

  3. I love, love, love California. My sister-in-law’s family and my family rented a house there last year and it was amazing. We had so much fun at the beach. I would love to live there, but it is crazy expensive. That was an awesome tweet.

  4. Erika@YouJustDidWhat says:

    Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live on the West Coast. I love love live La Jolla. I used to spend a lot of time there in high school. Glad to hear you had fun!
    Awesomw about that tweet. Now you can’t let them down!! 🙂

    • If you ever forget, please pay my blog a visit and it will remind you of how I run in 111*!! When I ran 7 miles near the beach Wednesday, I didn’t even go through one bottle of water. 7 miles in Phoenix, I would have gone through all 4 and needed refills!

      OMG, that’s how I feel about the Tweet, too – it’s not like I can say “no” now! Not with Big Brother watching and tweeting about it!

  5. elizabeth says:

    looks so pretty!

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