A Message From my Fat Pants…

The Monday after a 5 day weekend is always pretty rough.

It’s even rougher when the zipper to your comfy pants busts 2 hours in to your work day!

I keep a lot of “in case of emergency” items in my desk drawers at work but “pants” aren’t one of them!

Then I got to thinking about this issue. It’s not like my zipper busted because my belly is pushing it to it’s limit.  It’s actually quite the opposite.

I’m at the stage that my fat pants are “too big” for me but I’m not made out of money so I haven’t wanted to invest in more pants.  I was trying to hold out until I could skip from my “fat pants” back to my “skinny pants”.   I didn’t care that the bottom of my fat pants were dragging on the floor as I walked, I thought it was a great reminder that I’m making progress.

I have hated shopping for years now.  Hate it with a passion!!!  I hate trying on clothes but it’s an absolute must if I’m buying something because I’m so oddly shaped so I just avoid buying clothes until I absolutely have to!  I am small in the waist and then I have these huge…what do you call them, hips?  saddlebags?  butt?  All of the above?  Either way, it’s really hard to find pants that fit me!

Which is why I have hung on to these babies!

My sentiments exactly…..the “ideal fit”.  They (used to) fit great!

Wanna know what has happened in the past when I get to the stage that my fat pants are too big but my skinny pants are way too small?

I stop paying attention to my food choices and fitness and throw in the towel.  In the past, that’s been easier than shopping for new pants!

More truths…these Dockers aren’t the only “fat pants” in my closet that have been trying to call it quits.  Truth is, I look a little ridiculous at work wearing these oversized pants!

So what am I going to do?  I thought about this long and hard today.

I’ve decided on the following:

  • I’m not quitting – I’m tired of this yo-yo game I’ve been playing!
  • I’m throwing these pants away instead of begging my friend to try and fix them for me!
  • I’m going suck it up and go buy a new pair of pants (maybe even 2)!  Instead of crying in the dressing room or rushing home and not speaking to K for the rest of the day because I’m so disgusted I can’t fit in to a pair of pants, I’m going to celebrate what I have accomplished this far and appreciate that I am going to take it even further!

I think it’s exactly what my old fat pants would want me to do!

Are you attached to a clothing item you’ve outgrown (for better or worse)?

Do you like to shop?

Have you ever been stuck at work with an embarrassing blow out like a busted zipper?  Tell me (us) about it!


8 thoughts on “A Message From my Fat Pants…

  1. bestmommie says:

    WAY TO GO!! Throw those fat pants away! Keep moving forward.

  2. Yayyyyyy for throwing them out! If you like the fit maybe you can go online and order them in a size or two smaller. I hate shopping….especially for pants….I am also small in the waist but I have muscular legs and it seems like designers think every woman has stick thin legs…so frustrating. Andddd depending on the style/store…I have like 3 different sizes which plays mind games with you, lol…and forces you to try the crap on which I don’t like, hahaha. Congrats on sticking with your plan too btw. 🙂

    • So it’s not just me, that’s a relief. I bought some shorts the other day and they were tight on me. But got them home and they’re the same size as the shorts that are baggy on me. I’m focusing more on feel and less on numbers. I was never really good with math, any way!

  3. Bean says:

    I just had the fat pants/ skinny pants issue. I finally had to buckle down and heat to Target to get some pants that fit. And you know what they are not the smaller size I still aim to be but they are a pretty damn good reminder of how hard I have worked and to keep at it (I feel a giant burriot/ margarita binge could push these pants to their limit). It is not about the size but how I feel. And I feel pretty dang good and you should too! And I swear the lighting in dressing rooms is set to make you suicidal. So keep that in mind;).

    • Ha ha ha, I can relate to the burrito/margarita fear!! I wore pants today I haven’t worn in 5 years and I was afraid to sneeze in them. And thanks for the reminder about the dressing room lighting – I think my friend is going to go with me to lend a voice of reason!

  4. Congrats on being too small for your pants 🙂 I love to shop but you probably knew that. Enjoy buying smaller pants and don’t fret the fit…take them to a tailor. It’s not too pricy.

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