Seizure Dance Moves and Boxin’ with Spongebob!

Great news!  My shins were feeling great today!  So I had no excuse to not go to the gym and do the run I should have done yesterday…even if I didn’t feel like runnin’!

I’m at the gym, I’m getting dressed and I discover I forgot my Garmin watch.  Dangit!  Okay, no worries, I’ll just use my “not so accurate” Nike+ app.  Except, I had taken the sensor pocket off my shoe before we went to San Diego.  Okay, no worries, I’ll just run for 45 minutes and not track mileage.  Except, I would have to pay attention to the gym clocks and I’ve learned that watching the clock while running on a 1/10th of a mile indoor track is TORTURE!!!!  Okay, no worries, I’ll just do Friday’s “speed training” today!  I won’t know the mileage because God forbid the app actually track it accurately but not an issue.  It’s not always about mileage, right?  Right?!?

So..yeah, apparently Thursday’s are a busy day at the gym.  As my luck would have it, it was especially busy on the track.  Yeah, that does not bode well for me when I need to do speed work.  But here we go..some random thoughts…

  • I’m pretty sure that dudes legs are as white as his tank top!
  • I hate running while holding my phone in my hands!
  • I really wish I had my watch, I think I am killing my speed today!
  • Yes, please continue to walk two abreast and swing your arms wildly – never mind all the runners weaving along both sides of you…perhaps you could move it more to the right there?!?
  • 10 seconds until a walk break and I can totally pass that dude…c’mon, give it all you got!!!
  • I might be pathetic because I feel satisfaction rushing past that old dude.
  • Do you honestly expect me to move….you who is running, not walking, in the wrong direction!
  • Not sure what dance moves you call those but you look more like you’re having a seizure.  How about you get off the running track and take your dancing skills to the classroom!
  • Wow, lady..I get that you like to talk on the phone while you ride the bike but must you shout?  I can hear you over my headphones!
  • Oh…dancing man is now gonna box the air as he walks…interesting.  Dude…maybe you should be aware that I can see you!!!
  • I cannot wait until it cools off and I can do all my training outside again!!!
  • OMG!  Boxing-Seizure Gangster Boy has a multi-neon-colored Spongebob on the front of his t-shirt.  Wow.
  • Whoa!!!!  Sounds like someone has a serious anger issue down there on the basketball floor.  It’s just a basketball game – chillax man, that’s the 3rd time I’ve heard you have an outburst!  Dang!
  • I’m so glad this is over.  These people are insane up in here. I think the heat really messes with people’s brains!

I don’t know how many miles I ran, I logged 2.24 miles using information from the last time I did this session in the gym, and I ran for 27:33 minutes.  My craptastic app says I ran .78 miles, which would mean I did less than 8 laps around that stupid track.  I can assure you I did a lot more than 8 laps!  I’m debating if I’m going to run 45 minutes tomorrow or just do my 1 miler.  It’s on my schedule to run 13 miles Saturday – eeekkk!!!!!!

Tinker Bell half marathon 2013 is sold out.  Are you running it?

How did you do on drinking more water today?

Do you prefer to run indoors or outdoors?  


8 thoughts on “Seizure Dance Moves and Boxin’ with Spongebob!

  1. LOL…I love that you say what everyone is thinking (re: random thoughts at the gym). I am not running the Tinker Bell 1/2…too far from me. I did drink more water, woohoo! And I prefer to run outdoors but I don’t mind the mill. Good luck on your 13-miler! 🙂

  2. narnaboo says:

    I am running Tinkerbell and I am sooo excited!!! 😉

    Glad to hear your shin is feeling better!

  3. Run Eat Play says:

    Ha – ha! I love all your random thoughts!

  4. Erika@YouJustDidWhat says:

    I don’t like to run holding my cell either. I like my hands free unless I have to run with the Bob. So I take it your not a big fan of Nike +? I haven’t used it but almost bought it.
    Not great on the water front. I need to get myself a big jug and force myself to drink it!

    • The Nike+ app and sensor was fine until I got the Garmin watch and discovered the Nike+ wasn’t exactly accurate. I ran with both on for awhile and sometimes I’d get home and the Nike+ app would say I ran 11 miles and the Garmin would say 7! The Nike+ app wasn’t always wrong but when I run my regular 1 mile run, sometimes it will say I ran .8 mile and other times it will say I ran 1.1. It’s just not as accurate as I would prefer.

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