Water….It’s What Hydrates You!

It’s 97* here in Phoenix today, that’s like 14* cooler than it’s been lately!  14* is a HUGE difference.  Normally, when I run my 1 mile outdoors, I go through 1 – 1.5 of my bottles of water.  Today, I had 2 sips of water.  That’s how much of a difference 14* makes.

Speaking of my 1 miler…today’s run marked 47 days of running!!!

I normally run longer than a mile on Friday’s but since I have it on the schedule to run 13 miles tomorrow, I decided I’d let my legs rest a bit tonight.  It’s supposed to be in the mid-80’s from 5 am – 8 am tomorrow so my hopes is I can drag my butt out early enough to do all 13 miles outdoors.   Please think positive running thoughts for me, I really don’t want to do those 13 miles on that indoor track!

After my “Feel Good” post on Wednesday, I thought it might be a good idea to share with you how I manage to drink all the water I’m supposed to most days of the week.  It’s not an easy habit to get in to and for me, it required some trial and error.  The strategy I’m about to share with you has been successful for me for the past few months!!

I start with a water jug and a large drinking cup with a straw.

When I get to work, first thing I do is fill the jug!

I then pour myself a “Trenta” sized cup of water and start sipping on it.  I like to use a cup with a larger straw because I seem to drink it faster that way. While I read my emails and assess my day, I sip on the water!

The jug I use is about 100 ounces of water.  I’ve read recently that you should drink half your weight in water ounces.  I weigh about 178, so I should drink about 89 ounces of water.  I drink a little more than 89 ounces because I live in the desert and am active – it’s important that runners hydrate!

Throughout the day I keep the jug of water in a highly visible area on my desk!

Having the jug front and center on my desk serves as a reminder of  how much water I’ve had how much more I need to drink.  My goal is to drink the entire jug by 2 pm so I have plenty of time to get it out of my system before I have to make my drive home. (There’s nothing worse than being in rush hour traffic and needing to potty – I speak from experience!!)

When I empty the jug and drink the last drop out of the cup, I instantly message a friend of mine, “Water done – BAM!”  It’s a fun way for us to compete and encourage each other.  Some times she will message me first and I still have an entire cup to drink so I’ll hurry and drink it down!  BAM!

If you need something to flavor up your water, you can take any citrus fruit (lime, lemon, oranges, etc), cut them in to slices and freeze them in freezer bags.  Put the frozen slices in your water cup (like ice cubes) and as the frozen slices thaw in your water, they will flavor the water nicely!

Truth be told, I’m not so good about drinking this much water on the weekend.  So my goal this weekend is to do the same thing at home that I do at work.  That way I have a good and accurate measure of how much water I’ve had on the weekend, as well.

If you want to, you can send me a Tweet on Twitter, my handle is RunsInBikeLane, when you finish your water every day – “Water done – BAM!”  It could be a fun way of letting everyone know you drank your water and can also serve as a reminder to others to drink some water!

Got any fun plans this Friday night?

Have any additional tips for drinking water?

 Do you prefer your water with or without ice?


4 thoughts on “Water….It’s What Hydrates You!

  1. I like the texting idea, lol! I will think positive thoughts about you so you can get your run in! I prefer water with ice if it’s really hot…not with ice when it’s not too bad out. It’s my hubby’s birthday today so we went out to eat…we don’t really do anything big for birthdays/holidays, lol. Have a great night!

  2. Um, I love that idea! I’m tweeting you right now, just for practice.

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