Humidity, Rain and 13 Miles…Oh My!

When the alarm sounded at 4:33 am, I hit snooze.  I really did not want to get up.  When it sounded again, I got up and dragged my butt to get ready for my 13 mile training run. I really did not want to do it.  As I checked Twitter, I saw that Melissa @ Run Scoots Run had just Tweeted she completed “7 hilly miles at a 7:45 pace”.  That’s flippin’ insane – insanely awesome!!!!  So I Tweeted her congratulations and she responded and wished me luck on my run.  Well, damnit, now I really have to get out to my run – someone is watching me!  (Thanks, Melissa, for that encouragement, it really did help get me out the door this AM!)

I checked the weather forecast yesterday and it said it would be about 81* from 5 am to 8 am – that’s plenty of time for me to run 13 miles!  When I opened the front door and walked outside, I nearly burst in to tears!  Holy Humidity, Batman!!!!  It may have been in the 80’s but it was muggy as hell and NOT pleasant!!!  Ugh..

I parked at the gym as a back-up plan. The gym didn’t open until 7 am and it was almost 5:30.  I knew I would run out of water during the run so I had a gallon of water in the car.  My plan was to run for an hour, retrace back to the car, refill my water bottles and assess what to do from there.

As I headed out, this was my reward for getting up so flippin’ early!

Gorgeous, right?  No complaints about that!

After 2 miles or so, the sunrise looked like this!

Not as gorgeous as the first picture but definitely pretty.  Those clouds were certainly a welcome sight!  I thought, “Oh Clouds, Protectors from the Sun Beating Down on Me!!!”

So here it is: just me, my iPod, Garmin watch, 13 miles in front of me and nothing but time to think!

  • The humidity must affect the dairy farm because duuhhhammnnnnn those cows stink something fierce today – I wonder if I can get sick from the gas fumes that place is putting off..Wow!
  • This humidity is no joke, I feel like my face is melting..I hate humidity so bad!!
  • Bikers are so lucky in that they don’t have to get up at the butt crack of dawn!  So many runners out this AM and not a single biker yet.  These runners must have read the same weather report I did – wonder if they caught the humidity part?
  • Ahh..there’s a biker – a friendly biker waving back and saying, “Good morning!”
  • So jealous of all the guys getting to run with no shirts on, this shirt is seriously sticking to me.
  • I think it’s raining…
  • Is that rain dripping from my hands or sweat?
  • Awww…this rain with that breeze is making things a little bit cooler…if you can use the word “cooler” in a sentence when running  outdoors in Phoenix!
  • I’m getting soaked in this rain..that’s going to bring new meaning to “wet, white t-shirt contest”.  Maybe I shouldn’t have worn a white shirt!
  • Am I the only runner that seriously gags when taking a Gu?  And why is that there’s always someone around to watch me gag on the Gu?!?  So flippin’ nasty but so necessary!
  • I’m in trouble..more than 2 miles away from my car and already out of water.
  • I wonder what kind of diseases I’d get if I refilled my water bottle from the canal…I bet I’d get the sh&%’s more than anything..that won’t help me finish these miles!
  • I hope there’s no lightening…I can just see it now, “Runner zapped by lightening, falls in canal and drowns”.

I got back to my car and my watch said this:

I refilled my water, drank some Nuun, and contemplated if I was going to finish the remaining 4.27 miles outside or go in to the gym.  The humidity was killing me, my pace was slowing, and I was worried that if I stayed outside I might get I took it to the gym!

Walking in to the gym, I was worried about the fact that I was wet from head to toe and wearing a white running shirt.  But running in the AC sounded a whole lot better than finishing outside so I just dealt with it.

I didn’t have too many thoughts on the running track because I just zoned out and lost myself in the lyrics of the songs playing in my headphones. I really hate running on that track so very much that if I think about it, I will lose my mind.  Fortunately, for me, the gym was void of teenagers and nobody was in my way!  I do recall around mile 10 thinking that I wanted eggs for breakfast – random – as I normally want yogurt after a run!

After I finished running, I did all my stretches and let a couple of tears flow. I don’t know why I get so emotional after some of these long runs.

We didn’t have eggs at home so I stopped at the grocery store.  The store was FREEZING and did not bode well with my completely soaked white running shirt.  Needless to say, I got quite a few stares from the fella’s in there as I tried to keep my shirt pulled away from my body!

I always read runners boasting about how awesome chocolate milk is for you after a run so I picked up a bottle. I chose the “no sugar added” but worried it would taste gross.  I worried for nothing – it was awesome!

I got home and D greeted me at the door, wanting to know where I’d gone.  I thought my attire made that obvious but..who knows!  I made breakfast for the two of  us since K was still sleeping!

Awww..I was starting to feel human again!!!

Of the 6 half marathons I’ve run, my fastest (using the word “fast” loosely) time was 2:59.


Can’t wait to see what that means for my Disneyland half marathon!!

My right hip is really achy and hurts when I go from sitting to walking – any tips to stretch it out?

Have you started drinking your water today?

What are you doing this weekend?


6 thoughts on “Humidity, Rain and 13 Miles…Oh My!

  1. Ahhhh that is so awesome Jac!! Great time!! Congrats and so impressed you ran that much outside in those conditions. Ive made the mistake with the white shirt too, lol! You are going to kill that Disney 1/2. Maybe ice your hip and stretch by laying flat on your back and crossing your right knee/leg across your tummy? Wish I could suggest more but I am horrible about stretching lol. And I haven’t drank enough water yet…thanks for reminding me! And you would have totally gotten out of the door without my was your day all along! 🙂 have a great rest of ur day!

  2. Wow, that is an early wake up call. I get it though. It gets way to hot by 6 or 7 am. Great time on your half. You are going to rock Disney. I’m heading out for 15 miles today… hoping my knee doesn’t kill me.

  3. Way to go! I didn’t want to get up for my bike ride yesterday either. It’s this hot weather that’s dragging me down!

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