Friends Don’t Let Friends Wear Outgrown Fat Pants!!

After M read my blog on Monday, she did what any great friend would do – offered to go shopping with me!!  We made a date to shop this morning.  I didn’t want to buy a lot because I haven’t met my weight loss goal yet.  Until I meet my goal, I still have to go to work-so pants are a necessity!

I also tried on a couple of tops but neither of us were really sure what this was!

Is it a dress?  Is it a shirt?  Whatever it was, it didn’t look good on me. I told M I looked like an Oompa Loompa!

I did find a couple pairs of pants that fit nicely!

They’re a size 12!!  Exciting stuff – the size, not so much the pants themselves – I’d say!

After purchasing the pants we went over to the fabric store to get some necessities for the costume M is making me for the Disneyland half marathon!!!  I’ve never run in costume before so I am super excited about it!!

We decided to have lunch at Pita Jungle and I was good and ordered the Grilled Vegetable Salad with Chicken.  I really wanted the Chicken Pasta Salad but…the grilled veggies are so much more healthier for me!!  And…it helps that they are so delish!

Once home, I quickly changed in to my running clothes so I could get my 1 mile done.  My legs, especially my hamstrings, were really sore and tight during this run – I blame the 13 miles I did yesterday, they were not kind.  In fact, I was really sore all day yesterday after that run. 49 days in to this streak and still going strong!  It is STUPID humid here.  Our temps are below 100* (unusual for July in Phoenix) but the humidity is KILLING me!!!  Please…bring back the dry heat!!

I have a massive headache now so I am going to curl up on the couch and watch Crazy, Stupid, Love!

Have you seen Crazy, Stupid, Love?  

What’s for dinner tonight?

Do you wear costumes to races?


12 thoughts on “Friends Don’t Let Friends Wear Outgrown Fat Pants!!

  1. Bean says:

    That salad looks delicious! Congrats on finding pants and being a size 12. Pretty exciting stuff!

  2. bestmommie says:

    Oppmpa Loompa..ha ha.

  3. Lol I’m sure some girls would wear that as a dress or shirt, lolol! Yay for new pants! 🙂 that salad looks yummy. I did see that movie.l thought it was pretty good. We had boring pasta for dinner bc it was quick nd easy, lol. Hope your legs feel better and congrats on 49!

  4. Ali says:

    Oompa loompa shirt/dress aside, I think you looks fantastic!

  5. Amy says:

    LOVED Crazy Stupid Love. Even my husband thought it was funny! And it has been humid here too. What’s up with that? And I’m pretty sure that dress/shirt thing wouldn’t be flattering on anyone!

    • My husband watches it with me, too, but rolls his eyes at certain scenes. He he he!!! Our humidity is supposed to be gone tomorrow. But the weather guys have lied to us before! Can you believe my husband actually asked me if I bought that shirt after he read my blog?

  6. I’m jealous of your heat! It’s been the worst summer ever in London. It’s my first summer here too. I’m from Canada and it’s really hot there too right now.

    I haven’t seen Crazy Stupid Love but would like to 🙂

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